Actress Elizabeth Berkley and artist Greg Lauren celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary today, so we reflect on their time as man an wife. 

Elizabeth Berkley and Greg Lauren (Credit: Famous)

Elizabeth Berkley and Greg Lauren (Credit: Famous)

1. The pair first met each other in a dance class back in 2000.

2. They were married on 1st November 2003 at the Esperanza Hotel in Cabo San Lucas.

3. Greg’s uncle- Ralph Lauren, designed Elizabeth’s wedding dress, which was silk sheath with pearled spaghetti straps.

4. Greg wore a white tuxedo jacket and black bow tie.

5. She legally changed her name to Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, however still opts to use her maiden name in a professional context.

6. The couple announced that they were expecting their first born on 5th March 2012.

7. Sky Cole was born on 20th July 2012, which was only 8 days before her 40th Birthday! 

Happy wedding anniversary Elizabeth and Greg! 

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