You have reached your eleventh wedding anniversary- congratulations to you both, so if you want to mark the day with more than just a card, here are our top suggestions for steel. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A pen: If your partner is a budding writer, enjoys writing letters to friends and family or an obsessive list maker, a beautiful pen in stainless steel could be the gift for them. You never know, they might write you a little keepsake next year with it!

A key ring: There are many options to personalise keyrings now, from adding a photo into having initials or a special message engraved onto the steel itself, so why not give them the gift of something they can carry around with them all the time to remind them of you? 

Stainless steel cooking materials: If they are keen in the kitchen, a swanky set of utensils or a posh pan could be just the ticket, even more so if they have been putting up with the same old stuff for a while now- and you are bound to be rewarded with a delicious meal or two.

A bookmark: Another gift with the flexibility to personalise is a bookmark for the partner who always has their nose in a book. You can keep it simple with a ‘to’ and ‘from’ or come up with something that is personal to you as a couple- a quote from your wedding day or a short poem written by yours truly. 

A water bottle: If your partner is someone who likes to keep hydrated, why not invest in a really good water bottle? One that will make strangers ask ‘where did you get that?’ You could personalise it for them or just opt for a renowned brand that you know is built to last them another 11 years and beyond. 

Stainless steel ice cubes: A great gift for the partner who enjoys a little tipple is some reusable ice cubes so that every time you enjoy a cheeky drink together, you can remember your eleventh wedding anniversary. It’s the ideal prompt for conversation and a trip down memory lane. 

A personal grooming kit: For the partner who takes pride in their appearance and needs to keep all their stainless steel gadgets in one place- this is a great organisational tool. Plus one they can take away with them if you travel a lot together. 

Steel dice: Date night dice are a great way to keep the spark alive on your anniversary and beyond, simply roll them and do whatever the dice tell you to! Great for indecisive partners and couples who struggle to think of new things to do with one another after so many years of being together. 

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