You want your wedding day to be perfect, including your photos. Booking a pre-marriage photo shoot with your wedding photographer can help alleviate your worries and make you excited for your big day.



A pre-wedding or "engagement shoot" is a photo shoot scheduled roughly three to six months before your actual wedding day. This is a fun and exciting experience to help couples practice some romantic posing.

Many couples wonder if a pre-wedding photo shoot is worth it. After all, doesn't a photographer's portfolio already assure you of what you can expect of their work? The truth is, an engagement shoot has many benefits both for the couple and the hired photographer.

Are you ready to pose for your big day? Here are five reasons why it’s important to book a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer ASAP.

1. You get to know your photographer

If you get nervous talking on the phone or meeting new people, the idea of striking a pose or having some PDA with your partner in front of a complete stranger may have you feeling a little anxious.

One of the great things about having a pre-marriage photo shoot is that it gives you the time to get to know your photographer better.

Spending an afternoon snapping photos gives you all the opportunity to spend quality time together. Ask questions, joke around, and find common interests. This will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable when it comes to your shoot on your wedding day.

On the other hand, your photographer will get to know you better as well. Every couple is unique, and spending this time together before your wedding will help your photographer get inspired for how to shoot you and learn what you are and aren't comfortable with.

2. You get the poses you want

Practice makes perfect. If you've been pinning photos on Pinterest like crazy trying to find your dream shots for your wedding day, your engagement shoot is the perfect time to practice.

Exchange ideas with your photographer about what types of photos you want.

Some couples prefer that photographers keep their distance while taking photos during the vow exchange so they can focus on their partner.

Having an engagement shoot gives you the chance to give your photographer feedback and vice-verse so that you end up with the shots you want. Talk together afterward and review the photos.

Do you like full-length shots? Close-ups? Candid shots? No eye-contact with the camera? Tell your photographer which pictures you liked and which ones you're not so crazy about. This will help them get the perfect shots on your actual wedding day.

3. You can talk about your concerns

Communication is the key to happy, healthy married life - and a great photo shoot! Communicate with your photographer about what styles and concepts you enjoy.

Do you like traditional poses, glamour shots, a casual approach, or something with a theme to it? Now is the time to explain to your photographer what type of vibe you are going for with your photos.

Furthermore, not everyone is comfortable having their photo taken. Issues with self-esteem and body confidence can prevent you or your spouse from enjoying the process.

By having a pre-marriage photo shoot, you can alleviate some of the fears you have about getting your picture taken.

For example, you may have a scar or birthmark you'd rather your photographer avoid if possible. You may have an angle that you prefer to have your picture taken from. Whatever your concerns may be, use your engagement shoot as a way to talk about any potential problems or issues you may have on your actual wedding day.

4. Get to love your look

Another great thing about having a pre-wedding shoot is that you'll get to test out your wedding-day look on camera.

While you won't be wearing a tux or a big white gown for your engagement shoot, it can be helpful to style your hair and do your makeup the same way you intend to for your wedding day. This way you can see how your look translates in photographs.

You may find that certain styles may look too soft or a bit harsh when captured in photos. This gives you the opportunity to tweak your look before your wedding day arrives.

It's also a good idea to get in-depth with your photographer about your ceremony location. If you do, they will have a better idea of the lighting and setting they are working with.

5. It relieves stress

You and your spouse may be pros when it comes to posing for selfies, but striking a pose in front of a professional cameraman can be a little intimidating. By having a pre-marriage shoot, you and your spouse can eliminate any nerves you’re feeling about your photos and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Not only can you quell your camera fears, but having a pre-wedding shoot can also give you a better idea of what to expect on the big day. You’ll know what angles work the best for you and which poses and concepts looked amazing from your engagement shoot.

There are a lot of stresses that come from planning a wedding. Having an engagement shoot done with your spouse means getting cozy for a couple hours that day. This can be a great way to lower your blood pressure and relieve stress that may have accumulated leading up to the big day. Research shows that kissing activates the brain's reward system which boosts happiness. The oxytocin released in your body while you hold hands, cuddle and smooch your sweetheart have endless benefits to both your emotional and physical health.

Booking a pre-marriage photo shoot is a great idea for newly engaged couples. Husbands and wives will feel more comfortable striking a pose once they get to know their photographer. They will be able to shake their on-camera nerves while getting a feel for their wedding photos. A pre-wedding photo shoot can also relieve stress before the big day.

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