Your fourth year has rolled around and you may be anxious about what to buy your partner as this year is particularly difficult- linen. Fear not we have some suggestions so you don't have to fret.

A linen tablecloth?

A linen tablecloth?

Sheets- Dressing your bed in new sheets always looks and smells great, but before a night in them with your partner- they somehow make some rest or play time so much better.

Shirt- Linen shirts a perfect for that chilled out look on holiday- so why not buy you man one of these in preparation for your next sunny trip or for a casual look about town if you go out for a few drinks or a meal in summer.

Curtains- If you want to invest in something jointly, linen curtains give your place a touch of elegance and you won't have to replace them before your next anniversary- that's for sure.

Table Cloth- Ideal of the entertainers among you- if you like having people over for a spot of food and drink this can give the luxury of a restaurant.

Upholstery- Has your partner always wanted a one off chair to sit in the corner of the room or an ottoman for the end of the bed? Well now is the time to make their dreams come true.

Dress/suit- Again for that easy going appearance- linen clothes scream classy effortlessness.

Shoes- Perfect for walks along the beach or around markets in the summer- comfortable and easily transported- these are a great addition to any suitcase.

Painting- If your partner is particularly artsy- then perhaps a course in oil painting on a linen base might be up their alley?

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