Planning a hen party is stressful. Whether you opt for a travel agency to sort everything for you or you go it alone, this is one party that everyone will remember. Each detail – from the fancy dress to the afternoon entertainment – must be fun and planned to a T. With so many elements to juggle, there are bound to be things that go wrong. So how can you avoid the most common hen do disasters? Here are our top tips to make your party memorable for all the right reasons.

Keep the party running smoothly

Keep the party running smoothly

Set a budget. Everyone in your group is bound to have a different idea about how much they are happy to spend on the hen party. Bring up the budget early on in the conversation to avoid any awkwardness later down the road.

Make sure everything is planned well in advance. Chances are you know where the bride would really love to go on her hen do. Whether she’s partial to a raucous weekender in Liverpool or a relaxing bit of fun in sunny Marbs, getting your group’s accommodation sorted early on is a must to avoid any disappointment. The price of flights can also go up as you near your intended travel date, so be sure to book early so you don’t miss out on good deals.

Choose fun activities that everyone will enjoy. Most hen parties have a real mix of people attending, so it’s important to make sure you book activities that everyone will love taking part in. Getting this bit right is crucial to avoiding any major fall-outs on the day. Start a Whatsapp group to get a feel for what people would be up for doing. Not everyone thinks sketching a nude man is fun, but draw the line at asking the whole group for their input for every little detail – the committee texts will turn you into a ‘henzilla’. 

Triple check your itinerary. So, you’ve planned everything from the outfits to the hotel rooms, meal times and beach times. How about airport transfers, or getting everyone in 5 inch heels to that restaurant a 15-minute walk from the hotel?! Double and triple check your itinerary to make sure you have enough time to get to all activities and bookings to avoid any issues when you’re out there partying. Plus, planning a little down time between lunch, dinner and cocktail hour is never a bad thing!

Find out the details of each venue. No one wants to queue at a nightclub only to find that fancy dress isn’t allowed after all. If you’re heading out-out, make sure your group is on the guest list, or book them in as VIPs to guarantee there won’t be any mishaps on the day. It’s also wise to make sure your outfits are in line with the club’s dress code so you can relax into your night of debauchery without any pre-club entry embarrassment.   

Keep the hen party running smoothly. Sometimes things go wrong. It’s important to remember to keep your cool and talk things out with the girls sensibly. Got a personality clash amongst a couple of the hens in the group? Ask them to discuss the issue privately to ensure the bride stays happy and the party can continue without anyone falling out.

Don’t forget the hangover cure! You can’t really avoid a hangover on a hen do. It’s just not possible. So definitely bring along enough pain killers, soft drinks and bacon sandwiches to cure an army of hungover hens. They’ll all thank you for it!

These tops tips for avoiding hen party disasters are from Red7, the leading group travel expert specialising in hen and stag dos. Red7 provides groups with an extensive range of seriously fun activities in the UK and overseas. Visit their website to enquire about a trip or call us today on 01273 872200 to speak with one of our Group Travel Gurus about organising your perfect hen party.

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