Us engaged ladies have something to look forward to on our honeymoons other than just sea, sun and sand!

How was your man on the honeymoon?

How was your man on the honeymoon?

In light of new research by Sykes Cottages that men are more adventurous than women on Honeymoons we talk to Tom Lowes about why there is this gender shift once the vows have been exchanged!

Why are more couples content with honeymooning in the UK?

While our survey found that the financial downturn has made the lower cost of a UK honeymoon more appealing (particularly in the younger age groups), I think couples increasingly understand that honeymoons are as much about who they’re with as it is about where they are. The UK has many beautiful places and increasingly couples are finding that a honeymoon in the UK can compete with more traditional honeymoon destinations on beauty, quality and price.

Why are women usually the more adventurous ones when it comes to their sex life?

Boredom! A survey conducted by K-Y’s Good in Bed site found that “60 per cent of respondents were keen to try something new to spice up their sex lives” and of those respondents over half were married. A previous survey of theirs had revealed that women are more bored in their relationships than men. Quite simply women will not let their sex lives become boring and are willing to take control to change up the routine a little.

What is it about the honeymoon that makes men more up for different sex?

Expectation! There's a great sense of expectation from both parties and pressure to make the honeymoon as memorable as possible, this includes the sex. This need for 'memorable' sex, combined with the fact that the honeymoon is a natural aphrodisiac, means men want to push the boundaries and go places (literally) to give their loved one the most original and memorable sex possible.

Even though it’s traditional, why does the bedroom still come top of the pile in terms of places to have sex?

Tradition is still very important to newlyweds but the survey has revealed a desire to mix adventure with tradition. So for those couples who have the opportunity to have sex in different places, sex may begin elsewhere and then either finish or be repeated in the bedroom.

Women prefer to have spa days and relax on holiday whereas men like to do more adventurous things, could this be linked to the type of sex they desire on honeymoons too?

Definitely! For men, they want what they do on holiday to be as different as possible from the day-to-day, in the same way that they want sex on their honeymoon to be as different as possible from the day-to-day. For women on holiday, relaxing and spending time with a loved one is important and perhaps this shows itself as even more important for women on their honeymoons, where their normal adventurous side yields, temporarily, to a desire to get down to business in the bedroom with the one they love.

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