Mini moons are becoming more and more popular. These are short holidays, closer to home than the traditional “once-in-a-lifetime” destinations of the classic honeymoon. They give the newly wed couple the perfect trip abroad post-wedding, without the hassle of long haul.

Ibiza (Credit: Holiday Gems)

Ibiza (Credit: Holiday Gems)

The travel experts at have helped us list the reasons that make a mini moon to Ibiza the ideal place to have a little time out after the inevitable wedding madness.

Close proximity

Ibiza is such a short distance away, we should visit more often than we do! Two and a half hours on the plane, with multiple flights leaving from most major UK airports, it’s an easy trip to sort out. Plus, it’s well served by the budget airlines, so as long as you’re up for a cheap and cheerful journey, you can bag a great deal.

Natural beauty

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful spots in Europe. Surrounded by the warm, glittery Mediterranean sea, Ibiza is a hippy, chilled out, dreamy destination. There’s no tackiness, no stress and no problems. And hiring a car will show you the best that the island can offer you – from the historic Old Town to a hike up the 1,560ft Sa Talaiassa, sunsets have never looked more beautiful.

Great beaches

The Ibiza mini-mooner is spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. Endless stretches of coastline offer the tourist a variety of options. If you want a beach where a DJ is playing some chill out tracks, and the beautiful people are drinking mojitos, you have a wide choice. If you want a secluded bay to relax with your loved one, then you won’t have to travel far. If you’re bringing kids with you, there are a number of shallow water beaches to while away the day at. At some point, a vendor will tempt you with some freshly chopped pineapple, a waiter with a cold glass of fizz or a nearby seafood shack with some freshly cooked catch of the day.

Great weather

Not surprisingly for its location, Ibiza enjoys magnificent weather. Summertime sees the temperature soar to over 30 degrees Celsius on most days. But even in winter, the temperatures are in the late teens making the island an attractive prospect for the discerning traveller. While wintertime in Ibiza might not be the ultimate beach holiday, the island has some great activities to keep guests busy.

Club scene

We couldn’t make this list without pointing out the obvious. Yes, Ibiza is one of the clubbing capitals of the universe, with clubs like Pacha, Amnesia and Privilege all attracting millions of clubbers from all over the globe to enjoy an evening experience like no other. There are no more words really, other than to go an experience at least one night in Ibiza Town and see how you like it.

Really fun, unusual hotels

With hotels like the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, you can book an “Anything Goes” suite, which gives you a Jacuzzi on the balcony and your own bar in the bedroom. You can even get a stage view room where you can turn your hotel room into a party with stage side seats of the DJ.

The island’s split personality

Yes, you will be fully aware of the island’s status as clubbing nirvana. However, you may have to prepare yourself for how different the other side of the island is. Away from the bars and nightspots lies an altogether different prospect, and more traditionally honeymoon-esque. Trust us, once you visit somewhere like Aguas de Ibiza, the idea of heavy bass and 24 hour bars will feel far, far away.


If you’ve suffered the rigours of a wedding diet, Ibiza is the ideal place to loosen the belt buckles. Crammed with incredible eateries, from the high end to the rustic, if there’s one thing the Spanish do well, it’s simple food that packs a punch. Avoid the busy areas of Ibiza Town and San Antonio and track down the incredible lunch and dinner spots like Fish Shack, Es Torrent and Balafia. If you’ve ever wanted to eat under the stars, amid a lemon grove with the love of your life, then Ibiza makes this dream a reality.

Fiestas and carnivals

Another draw, in true Spanish style, is Ibiza’s calendar of festivals and carnivals. Each town on the island has their own fiesta celebrating their own individual patron saint. Think live music, a lot of dancing, sporting events and animated floats passing down the streets. Check out what fiestas are happening during your stay.


When you’re on an island surrounded by beautiful waters, you have a massive scope of activities available. Scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, jet skiing and cliff diving are all must dos for adrenaline junkies. However, there is a huge wellness movement on the island, where yoga, meditation, healthy eating, horse riding and hiking are practised.