Authentic and intimate safari lodges in complete wilderness really is on offer here, especially in the beautiful and unruly Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve. The Selous is the size of Switzerland, and you can go for days in this leafy and historic time-warp without seeing another vehicle. On a honeymoon, you can imagine the luxury of fully immersing yourself in such unspoilt natural beauty without any interruption at all. For a mixture of seclusion in the wilderness and unrivalled romance, we can think of no place better than Tanzania.

Camping out in the wilderness

Camping out in the wilderness

Chimpanzees can be found in the West of Tanzania in the completely isolated Mahale Mountains – completely untamed, unmanned and unspoilt. For the adventurous couples, a trek up the mountains to watch these incredible creatures will be the holiday of a lifetime, let alone a honeymoon to remember.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a must-do for the super adventurous pairings. What an amazing first accomplishment as a couple – pain and reward to the extreme is what Tanzania can offer for those who wish to drink a beer on top of the world!

The Great Wildebeest Migration is without a doubt one of the most spectacular natural events on the planet today. On a normal safari, joining the 1.5 million wildebeest on their harrowing journey through crocodile infested rivers, over cheetah, lion and hyena abundant plains - all endured under the weight of the glaring African sun, is a huge privilege. Can you think of a more surreal and grounding lunch spot as the wild Serengeti?  

The Ngorongoro Crater, the 8th wonder of the world should be at the top of any wildlife and scenery loving couples’ list. In possibly one of the most unique wildlife experiences in the world, seek out huge lion prides, elegant giraffes and everything safari, all in the forefront of one of the world’s most dramatic back drops. The crater spreads across the horizon like a tidal wave and makes for an exceptionally magical safari destination.

Culture & Tradition - Immediately outside the crater rim in the Ngorongoro Highlands, and all over Tanzania there is such a rich, colourful and present culture. The Masai tribe are fascinating people, and will offer a really different honeymoon experience for those wishing to have their minds opened to a completely contrasting way of life. Flashes of the colourful and vibrant traditional clothes can be found everywhere you look – a proud culture, and one which still practises it’s many ancient traditions.

The incredible whale sharks – After your land safari, why not go on the flip-side and have an Indian Ocean Safari; swimming with the mighty and impressive whale sharks off the coast of Tanzania sound like you? The magnificent creatures will provide a truly grounding experience for those couples wishing to get up close and personal with the largest fish in the sea.

The dream combination of safari and beach has never been easier or of a higher quality than in Tanzania - Only a short hop away from the main parks in Tanzania sits the beautiful Indian Ocean Coastline and islands, with inviting glistening sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Relax and unwind with a Gin and Tonic, or tear around the Indian Ocean on a Jet Ski, or explore under its silky veil with an oxygen tank – the Tanzania beach experience caters for all.  

Exclusive islands are somewhat of a speciality from Tanzania for the most exuberant and luxury beach experiences in the world. Mnemba Island provides, quite literally, your very own private slice of Indian Ocean coast. It could be yours for a week, and there is nowhere we can recommend more for complete opulent seclusion in the sunshine.

Zanzibar Island is a honeymooner haven. Find a really ancient, historical fusion of cultures and bustle in the marvellous Stone Town. You may enjoy taking a tour around this colourful, Arabic town and finding Zanzibar’s charisma in its chalky crumbling walls. If people and history are not on your honeymoon hit list, then find secluded tranquillity on Zanzibar’s beautiful coastline, in a truly eclectic mix of boutique-chic accommodation options.

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