You become more comfortable with each other- You're totally fine to walk around with no make-up on in your onesie without batting an eyelid, while he airs his manhood about the house with no shame.

You don't hold hands when you're out and about anymore

You don't hold hands when you're out and about anymore

Farting and burping is commonplace- You even try to beat each other with who can push the loudest one out. This generally ends with shock, laughter and a high five. 

You get to know each other better- Like when they go for their daily poo- because they certainly know when you go for yours.

The newlywed excitement wears off- You realise you're still the same as before- but now you have a ring on your finger you don't even notice anymore.

You become lazy- And stop brushing your teeth and having a shower before bedtime sex.

You start taking each other for granted- The word 'hubby' no longer gives you butterflies- this 'affectionate' term is synonymous with dirty socks and ball scratching.

You stop looking good for each other- You have no objection to throwing on your most unflattering pair of pjs as soon as you walk through the door and popping your hair up in a messy bun.

You get distracted by other life events- Such as your friends getting married. You get jealous that their honeymoon period is on the horizon and yours is a distant memory.

You stop making an effort to surprise our partner- Breakfast in bed, random gifts and spontaneous trips away are a thing of the past.

You have sex less frequently- When you can have something at any time- the novelty sort of wears off.

You let bad habits show- Like clipping your toenails in bed and picking your teeth on the couch.

You start bickering- Over silly little things like what you've having for tea but you feel you can now fight your corner because they can't walk away as easily.

You become more honest about not wanting to do things your spouse likes- You may have told some fibs when you first got together to get in his good books- but now you have no trouble telling him that you'd much rather do literally ANYTHING else.

You stop kissing each other goodbye in the mornings- And just grunt something in their general direction when you walk out the door.

You stop ending phone calls with 'I love you'- And just hang up like they do in the movies, without even a goodbye.

You can tell each other when you're not feeling great- If you've got a bout of diarrhoea you don't mind telling them your 'pooping through the eye of a needle right now'. In fact you like coming up with quirky descriptions for bodily functions.

You go to bed at different times- Because you want to read and he wants to watch TV-sex is probably not on the cards (see point 10)- this way you're both happy.

The excitement of seeing each other wears off- And it turns into more of a 'you again' approach.

Original research by OnePoll.

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