Couple choosing invitations

Couple choosing invitations

Brides spend a total of 36 days planning their wedding in a lifetime (even during working hours), according to, compared with a meagre 6 days that grooms dedicate to preparation.

A bride’s mother is guilty of spending three times more time on her daughter’s wedding than the groom. Decisions can be made easier by the fact that some brides have made most of their choices before even being asked to marry someone, such as church wedding vs registrar.

Some have even chosen their dress and others have decided on what ring they would prefer to be given upon their engagement- all of this while still single.

The average length of an engagement is about 1 month and with the cost of a wedding rising to £22,000 from which has increased by £7,000 in a decade, it’s understandable that couples are buying themselves some more time to make the purchases they need.

Given that the bride spends longer organising the big day, it’s no surprise that most aspects of a wedding day are arranged by the woman- with many assuming the role with ease. A staggering 3% of weddings are organised by the man which probably accounts for just those on Don’t Tell the bride.

A fifth of brides take this to the extreme and spend 60 days prep for their special day, admitting that it affects their performance at work. The items on a wedding to do list that take up most time to arrange are the venue and food, dress, the guest list, booking the honeymoon and choosing the ring.

A small four out of ten brides wished that their husband to be would take more of an interest in their wedding preparations; however women are generally happier to take charge, even if they do.

On the flip side, a fifth of brides wish that their mothers had taken less of an interest in their wedding- so perhaps mothers have a knack for interfering.

Dominguez, CEO and founder of online jewellery brand, said that wedding costs were likely to increase as we emerge from the recession. He stated: "What this survey shows is that a couple's wedding day is still the biggest event of their lives. What else does a woman spend 36 days planning? That is why it is so important to get it right. It's great that a quarter of women have picked their engagement ring even before meeting the groom. That is the kind of attention to detail which will result in a good choice that they will be content with for a lifetime. But at we tend to find that the brides who are happiest with their rings are those who make their choice beforehand with their groom."'s is looking at exactly couples in the UK are proposing as part of its new  #whereandwhen campaign which will be running on Twitter, other social media and at

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