A Red Floral arrangement

A Red Floral arrangement

We talk to Mat Hepplestone from Red Floral about everything to do with flowers for your wedding day!

Please tell us how you got into designing flowers for weddings?

My interest in the industry started from a very early age when my family moved house and the new next door neighbours had a local florist shop. I was asked to help out over busy periods and at weekends. At the age of fourteen, I ran my own dried flower business from the cellar of the house, going doing dried flower parties in the evenings and selling my wares to the school teachers.

What has been the most prestigious event other than the Commonwealth Games that you have designed the flowers for?

Red Floral are lucky enough to house a team of designers who can create an eclectic mix of designs suitable for any venue. Recently we were creating traditional grandeur at The Monastery in Manchester to create a life-size enchanted forest over in Liverpool. The more outrageous the request the more buzz we get here at red.

Please tell us about being asked to do the flowers at the Commonwealth Games and your reaction when you found out?

We had to pitch for the role to design flowers at the Commonwealth Games.  They loved our company above tons of other ones out there and we won the role.  It was a pure delight being part of such a national event and doing it in our own way of flowers.

Why is the season so integral to choosing flowers?

Certain blooms such as roses and carnations are inexpensive flowers and are available all year around.  Other flowers may fluctuate in price depending on the season.  Daffodils and tulips are available in the Spring-time and are a great way of creating some amazing springtime looks. If you have your heart set on peonies then be looking at May or June for your wedding date. I do have brides who set the date in these months especially to have peonies as the focal flower.

How can the environment dictate what sort of flowers to choose for your wedding?

Red Floral are experts at enhancing the overall look of the wedding flowers with props.  Using candelabra’s and other props can add a luxury look to a room without masses of flowers.  Looking at the environment is very important.  A larger room may need to be filled with more props and flowers to make the wedding more intimate.  A room that may not be so nice can be camouflaged by darting a mass of candles in amongst wedding flowers can add such a romantic look to a room.  They can enhance the grandeur of the flower displays and look stunning.

Why is the detail in a flower arrangement so important?

Flowers are an important part of the wedding because you want your guests to love them.  The right flowers can also make for beautiful photos.  You don’t have to match the flowers to the same colour theme as your wedding.  It will be a better overall flower effect to speak to your florist about the right tines and contrasts, introducing paler of darker shades from the same palette will give the wedding flowers impact and interest and stop the whole look becoming predictable, tired and dated.

What is your favourite flower arrangement you have designed?

The summer season is the season that really does it for me in the flower world because I am a huge fan of blousy fragrant blooms.  Summer time is the perfect opportunity to get creative with some exquisite English blooms and the sunshine brings out masses of flowers.  The vibrancy of Dahlias, the aroma of sweet peas and of course the beauty and colour range delphiniums and peonies make for some show stopping designs.  With so many flower choices, Red Floral can create lavish wedding displays that are so sought after.  Blush pink flowers, lilacs and lavenders with hints of nude and peach are available widely and produce stunning loose ethereal designs…

If a bride is unsure what flowers to go with what would be your advice?

This is the best advice of all as the florist is the one who will be creating your vision into flowers and displays.  You need to tell your florist everything and be very visual with them in your needs.  Pinterest is especially good for gathering up wedding ideas and shots of flowers to inspire you.  You need to get to know your wedding florist intimately and go through his whole wedding portfolio to create your dream day.

What is next for you?

We are hoping to continue to innovate and be the best flower arrangers in the market place.  Red Floral are a huge fan of white phaleonopsis orchids and sparkling clear acrylic.  This look is clean and yet still glamourous and is a great way for brides to create a distinct wedding look which is really on-trend.  The vestal all white look will always be at the forefront of bridal floral design, its timeless elegance speaks volumes.


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