Aparna Manandhar, from Thistle Marble Arch has put together some top tips to prevent rain from dampening your spirits on your wedding day.

Get your photographer to take artistic shots

Get your photographer to take artistic shots

Embrace it: Ask your wedding photographer to take some pictures that use reflections in puddles and buy your bridesmaids some bright umbrellas to match with your colour scheme to brighten up the shots.

Rainwear can look good: Make sure that all your rain wear matches in with your guests and wedding party in the same colours, patterns and prints as their outfits.

Remember your essentials: Take a hairdryer, hair spray and make-up with you to touch up if it washes away any of your wedding stylist's efforts.

Be optimistic: Rain is a sign of good luck on your wedding day- so don't be so glum if it comes down on you- it means you will have a happy marriage!

Project your mood: If you don't let the rain get to you- then the guests will follow suit- you only have the one day to get married- so don't let something like rain overbear everything else.

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