Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary today, so we reflect on their time together as husband and wife with some things you might not know about the couple.

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld (Famous)

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld (Famous)

  1. Jerry and Jessica first met at a Reebok Sports Club and began dating afterwards.
  2. The couple got engaged in November 1999.
  3. They were married on 25th December 1999.
  4. Comedian George Wallace was the best man at their wedding.
  5. There was wide media criticism about Skylar’s divorce to Eric Nederlander just four months after marrying him and her subsequent relationship with Seinfeld, so she told Vogue: ‘I met Jerry at the end of what was the most difficult period of my life. I had just made a painful decision to dissolve a five-year relationship that began when I was 21 and culminated in a brief marriage. Jerry was neither the cause nor the effect of the breakup, but his friendship gave me strength and resilience at a time of desperate need, and it has formed the basis for my happiness in the years that have followed.’ (Wkipedia)
  6. Seinfeld has also been vocal about the strength his marriage has given him; "If it wasn’t for Jess and the kids, I’d really blow my brains out. Jessica saved my life. She gave me something to care about." (Wikipedia)
  7. After they wed, they bought Billy Joel’s house in Long Island, which reportedly cost them $32 million.
  8. The pair now have three children; Sascha (2000), Julian Kal (2003) and Shepherd Kellen (2005).  

Happy wedding anniversary Jerry and Jessica!

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB. 

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