Keep it real!

I would rather wear something small, delicate and precious than large & semi precious. It's your special day and everything should be exquisite.

Kanwal Toor Jewellery

Kanwal Toor Jewellery

Follow the trends

You don't have to be a slave of trends however a trendy bride makes a fun & beautiful bride.


Throw in a heirloom if possible. There is nothing like a bit of history on such a special day.

Don't be scared to experiment

Be a bit quirky and go out and have some fun - it's your BIG day.

Don't conform

Don't be obliged to do or wear something you are not comfortable in. It's imperative that you love what you wear and remember this day as your day as opposed to what you were expected to wear.

Add a bit of colour

White can sometimes be predictable. Why not add a bit of colour? It doesn't have to be all pearls and white diamonds. Why not wear turquoise earrings, amethyst ring, topaz ring all beautiful gemstones.

Love what you wear

Go out and enjoy your jewellery. Uncomfortable jewellery is a complete no no.

Don't let the jewellery overshadow you

It's great to wear statement pieces. But make sure they don't make you look pale. You should stand out NOT the jewellery.

Plan way in advance.

You should plan what you have to wear, how you would like to style it at least a few months in advance. No panic before the big day.

Why not design your jewellery?

Be creative and design your jewellery. Don't just buy something from of the counter. Create something special. Work with your favourite jeweller and both of you can come up with an absolute exquisite piece.

Designer, Entrepreneur and Social Activist Kanwal Toor has launched her own JADAU jewellery range; JADAU by Kanwal Toor. Traditional JADAU techniques are used by local artisans in India to handcraft each individual piece. Kanwal Toor has combined her passion for fashion and jewellery with her Indian heritage to launch JADAU by Kanwal Toor in late 2016. The ornate Indian-inspired collection recently showcased at the Pratham Gala, with various Top Models walking the catwalk styled by Kanwal herself.

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