Lee Ann Womack and Frank Liddell celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary today so we take a look over their time as man and wife. 

Lee Ann Womack (Credit: Famous)

Lee Ann Womack (Credit: Famous)

1. The couple first met at Decca Records, where Liddell was working as an A and R. 

2. The country music singer married the record producer on 6th November 1999. 

3. This was after having their first child Anna Lise Liddell in January 1999.

4. Liddell is also stepfather to Womack's daugther, Aubrie Lee Sellers, from her first marriage to Jason Sellers. 

5. Aubrie repotedly now works with Liddell too as she carves her own path in the country music industry. 

6. Liddell produced Womack and she recently revealed just how much music plays a part in their life together, ‘listening for songs is a process that never stops for us.’ (country music.about.com)

7. Womack’s album 'The Way I'm Livin'' was produced by husband Liddell.

8. She embraced the new sound that his input would bring to her music; ‘Frank is really good about helping me keep who I am at the forefront, but also making it fresh.’ Blogs.tennessean.com

Happy Wedding Anniversary Lee Ann and Frank! 

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB. 

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