Hen parties are defined as bridal parties celebrating a bride-to-be’s last few days of singledom before she embarks upon married life.

You only do it once...

You only do it once...

They can often have a reputation of drinking copious amounts of shots, wearing suspenders, walking around with dildo’s, and they wouldn’t be the same without a stippergram!

For some ladies, this is a great excuse to get wet and wild with a hall pass to have one final night of debauchery.

Rather than have an evening that you can’t remember or one that you’d rather forget, why not make memories that you will hold just as important as your wedding day.

Luxury hen parties are something that is becoming increasing popular with ladies who want to spend a little extra on luxury; drinking, dining and partying in sumptuous surroundings.

If you’ve ever thought about if you should have a luxury hen party, here are 10 reasons why;

Come Fly With Me - Taking a three day weekend abroad with your girls is one way to enjoy escapism from your busy lives to somewhere sunny and sophisticated.

Luxury Living - Staying in five star resorts with amenities such as spas, fitness centres, Michelin star restaurants, sexy cocktail bars and plenty of pools to lie by is perfect hub to relax and recuperate.

Dinner Dates - Some of the world's best restaurants are situated in five star hotels, but dining anywhere where top chefs can whip up gastronomic feasts is one way to celebrate with your bridal party.

Discover The World - It’s not all about drinking and partying but experiencing once in a lifetime activities, such as flying over Time Square in New York in a helicopter or flying down the world’s biggest water slide at the Atlantis, Dubai. Adding a fun sport or activity is always going to bring you years of laughter.

Prep & Pamper - With jam-packed itineraries there is always time to kick back and take advantage of a luxury spa and spend the day being pampered and preened from top to toe with beach views and outdoor pools.

Sun, Sea & Beach Clubs - Nothing beats a good day out at the beach, topping up your tans, sipping cocktails and listened to uplifting music. Hiring beach beds fit for a princess to lounge around, people watch, gossip and show off our bikinis is the sport we know best.

Party Like its 1999 - Table service in top night clubs means not having to queue up for your bottles of Veuve. You will be given a personal waiter to look after you and your girls all evening so you can concentrate on drinking, dancing and having the time of your lives.

Culture Club - Sightseeing and taking in what your city has to offer and learning more about how people live, love and laugh is something that will make your trip extra special. Eating local delicacies, tasting local wines, and seeing the history of your city will always be a winner.

Sorority Girls - Go back to your high school days and create a moment that you can remember forever; start a reunion, bring the girl band back, make up a new dance routine, create a new hashtag, wear uniformed tiaras, all with a backdrop of gorgeous sunsets and blue skies.

Sass & The City - Whatever city you decide to pick as your luxury destination, keeping it sassy, sexy and sophisticated with waves of wows in between are memories that will last a lifetime.

Nothing beats going abroad with your girls to celebrate in style, living a life of luxury for three days and feeling like you're walking down a red carpet every day. Swapping shots and strippers for beach clubs and Balearic beats is now becoming a new trend for bridal party celebrations. Swan Parties LTD cater for luxury bridal parties, so instead of a hen, you’re a swan! She is glamorous, fun-loving, loves to travel and be entertained in opulent surroundings. The online travel consultancy company packages flights, accommodation to five star resorts, and activities to relax, dine and discover some of the world's most affluent resorts. Why be a hen, when you can be a swan…?

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