Having M.E affected every part of my life. This cruel, life sucking disease affects sufferers in so many ways, from pain and sickness, infection and debilitating tiredness to stealing their independence, confidence and any kind of appetite for life.

Jade and Andrew

Jade and Andrew

I was that empty shell, diagnosed at 11 years old I was in a blur of pain and exhaustion, to the point that by the time I was 18 I was getting increasingly more ill and I didn’t want to go on with that kind of quality of life... until I was told about The Perrin Technique from a friend. That phone call changed my life in so many ways and is a big part of the reason I’m who I am today – happy, healthy and well.

The Perrin Technique turned my life around from the very first appointment. On meeting Dr Perrin with my parents, he understood what I was going through like no doctor had been able to. Before and after positively diagnosing me with CFS/M.E, he started me on a treatment process of intensive cranial osteopathy and lymphatic massage to help me get my life back.

After several months of intense treatment I did indeed start to improve and over the next 12 months I changed from the shell of a person I had been to a strong, confident young woman who had a life ahead.

It was just over a year after into my treatment that I met Andrew in our local pub, we clicked instantly over our shared love of cars and motorsport and never looked back. I was very open about my condition and treatment early on in our relationship and Andrew supported me on it from day one – coming with me to my treatment appointments, encouraging me to take it easy when I needed to and giving me a boost of confidence when it all got too much.

When we married in 2015, four years after we met in the local, we knew what we wanted our wedding to be like... simple, relaxed and meaningful. That was exactly the wedding we got, a beautiful and emotional ceremony in our local church – with Andrew’s Dad as Best Man, and my Mum (who had selflessly cared for me throughout my illness) standing with me as Matron of Honour. This was followed by a family reception at my parent’s house and one heck of a village party at night. One of the most emotive parts of our wedding day was Andrew’s speech, whereby he thanked Dr Perrin (who was a guest at the wedding) for all that he had done in helping me, as without him “my wife wouldn’t be here today”.

This one line makes me truly appreciate the journey I have been on with CFS/M.E and that if it wasn’t for The Perrin Technique, my life wouldn’t be what it is today – a little chaotic with a toddler now running around, but generally healthy and happy with a positive view to the future... something that I never dared to dream of during the time I was ill.  

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