Do you still believe in happy ever after?

Do you still believe in happy ever after?

Only 57% of married couple believe their marriage will last forever.

New research has discovered some shocking figures that risk to drown the dream of a happy ever after.

'It seems that couples aren’t going into marriage with rose tinted glasses on.'

People seem to have lost faith in lifelong commitment; 21% of couples said they didn’t think they would stay with their partner forever.

Almost half of these respondents thought happy ever afters didn’t happened in today’s world. With a minority of married couples suggesting divorce is down to feelings changing, over 35% said it’s down to there being too many external influences on marriage today.

This isn’t just bad news for already married partners; 21% of newly weds and engaged couples believe that they are likely to get divorce at some stage in the future.

Matthew Wood from, the company who carried out the research, said: ‘Is this the death of the happily ever after? It seems that couples aren’t going into marriage with rose tinted glasses on, but instead are prepared for eventual heartache. Whilst you can applaud the logic of this, it does seem to detract from the romance!’

With 7% of people signing pre-nuptial agreements and almost 20% of couples keeping their finances seperate, parting ways has never been so easy for deflated partnerships.

‘The sad truth is though that divorce is becoming ever more common and whilst the idea of some sort of pre-nuptial agreement might not be at the forefront of somebody’s mind when they’re in the flushes of love, it might be something that they’ll look back on and be thankful for their foresight.’

It seems couples are scared of committing total to their other half; over 60% of people say they fear becoming too dependent on their spouse’s finances, and four out of ten people are worried by the prospect of divorce.

It seems the rose tinted glasses of marriage been cracked forever with the rise in divorce rates.

Would you consider the ending of your marriage before it had even begun? 

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