You’ve reached your ninth wedding anniversary- hurrah! If you’re struggling to think of what to buy that relates to pottery, here are our top suggestions…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

A pottery class: If your partner has always fancied doing a pottery class, now is the time to book them in or at least get them a voucher so they can do it at their leisure. Perhaps you want to do one together, in which case make it for two.

House pottery: Something you can look at in your home every day- and think- that marks nine whole years together. Just make sure that whatever it’s of makes sense for your relationship and your partner. If your lover likes fresh flowers a vase might be the ticket or if your partner already has a large collection of ornaments, maybe they would appreciate something to keep the rest of them company.  

Matching mugs: You could get them personalised with your names and date of your wedding day, or get something more humorous like a Mr and Mrs Right. This is ideal if you have always been a couple who talks things over a good cuppa every day, or if your partner has a passion for tea, hot chocolate or coffee.  

Hobby gifts: If your partner is a keen potter already, bonus! Why not get them a new set of tools or a new pottery wheel? If this is their passion, only the best will do! 

Pottery starter kit: If you’ve always fancied a go at pottery as a couple and aren’t ready or it’s not convenient for you to go to a class, why not get in the basics and give it a try at home? If you are terrible it will certainly give you both a laugh and some memories of your ninth anniversary together. 

Garden pottery: If you are keen gardeners, or simply like to spend a lot of time outside, some garden pottery is bound to hit the spot. Again, every time you sit out with a glass of wine and the chiminea, you can glance over at your piece of pottery and remember your ninth wedding anniversary. 

Happy Ninth Wedding Anniversary! 

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