Today, Pink and Carey Hart celebrate their 11th year of marriage, so here's some things you might not know about the couple. 

Pink and Carey Hart (Credit: Famous)

Pink and Carey Hart (Credit: Famous)

1. Pink first met motocross racer Hart in 2001 at the X Games, Philadelphia.

2. She proposed to him during the Mammoth Lakes motocross race.

3. She was supposedly ‘assisting’ in his race and wrote ‘Will you marry me? I’m serious’ on a pit board.

4. He didn’t notice at first and did another lap and then when he did- he pulled over and accepted.

5. She apparently then asked that he finish his race because she didn’t want to marry a loser.

6. They got married on 7th January 2006 in Costa Rica.

7. In February 2008, Pink announced that she had separated from her husband.

8. He then appeared in her video for ‘So What?’ in 2008 which deals with the subject of separation.

9. During the time they were apart, Carey’s brother died after suffering injuries in a motocross competition in August 2008. Pink allegedly supported him throughout this time.

10. The couple reportedly sought out counselling during their period apart.

11. Carey stated in 2009 that they were ‘dating’ and attempting to work things out; "Sometimes you have to take a couple of steps back to move forward" (Wikipedia)

12. In 2010, Pink announced that they were back together.

13. The couple were said to have renewed their wedding vows in California in May 2009.

14. Hart then appeared in her music video for ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ and ‘True Love’.

15. When Pink appeared to the Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010, she revealed that she was expecting her first child with Hart and on 2nd June 2011 she gave birth to their daughter- Willow Sage Hart.

16. On 26th December 2016, she had their second child- a son- Jameson Moon Hart

Happy Wedding Anniversary Pink and Carey!

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB. 

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