Jenna Cook and Aaron Brown married in April 2015 at Hylands House. They dated for two years before tying the knot and their relationship couldn't be better. The couple enjoy travelling; however they met in the UK on their commute to work.

Jenna and Aaron

Jenna and Aaron

"That was in June 2012, although we didn't start dating until the October. After some weeks of getting the train together he finally said hello to me as the train pulled up in London. Since then, we have spoken every day", said Jenna. "From our first date onwards, we knew we had something very special". Jenna however cancelled four dates before going ahead- and for very good reason. "We had built up a very good friendship before having a relationship and still to this day, we think this is why it works, and works incredibly well.

"When Aaron entered my life, he was taking on a big challenge", continues Jenna. "My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, which has become terminal. I am an only child and so life was extremely sad and difficult. To let someone into your life at that stage means they have to be an exceptional person."

In their first year as a couple, Aaron put lots of dates on the calendar for trips away. His aim was to try and distract her from the worry of cancer, hospitals and taking care of someone close. Unfortunately, the couple had to endure their first big hurdle when Jenna found a lump in her breast and had to have surgery to remove lymph nodes. "I am not sure where I would be now if Aaron hadn't come into my life."

Hylands was a no brainier for the pair as the venue for their wedding- as Jenna already does a lot of charity work and did the Race for Life for Cancer UK there.

Hylands was also where Aaron asked Jenna's parents for their blessing to marry her.

"Our wedding was a very typical traditional family orientated one", said Jenna "but with our own little stamp on it." Every table was named after the places in the world Aaron and Jenna travelled to during their first year together . "There were suitcases where people could put their cards and gifts and also a crate of flip flops so if the ladies feet were sore they could pop these on instead."

"We chose pastel pink to reflect back to Breast Cancer Care" said Jenna.

Aaron proposed in Venice in October 2014. "My engagement ring is engraved with 'Always and Forever' with a pink diamond on the inside of the band for my Mum, as she won't always be with me in person but my ring will be" said Jenna. Aaron designed the ring himself.

The wedding ceremony took place at All Saints Church, Springfield . "Both sets of parents got married in Church, so it felt right" added Jenna.

The couple will continue their travels, with the next stop being Lanzarote, where Jenna has been to before.

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