Escape to the Countryside

Barns more often than not are tucked away in the countryside, creating a beautiful backdrop for those all-important wedding pictures, as well as allowing guests to party the night away in privacy. The Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey, which is due to open summer 2018, has some of the most majestic views in the country overlooking the Bolton Abbey Priory ruins.

Cripps Barn by Jon Harper Photography

Cripps Barn by Jon Harper Photography

Rustic and Historic

All of the Cripps & Co barns are well over 100 years old and The Tithe Barn is 500 years old! The quirky charm and character which comes with age (like with people) is what makes a barn such a special and unique location for a wedding.

Wide open spaces

Live in the city and crave space? Drive 30 minutes outside of Newcastle, and you will find the wonderfully secluded Healey Barn. The Barn is surrounded by picturesque grounds and green pastures on the edge the North Pennines, an area of outstanding beauty.

Fire! Fire everywhere

Fire pits, tea lights, candle sticks, candle chandeliers, hurricane lanterns, red-hot rotisseries and huge wood fired BBQs, are all things you will probably not find at your local golf course, hotel or village hall, but you will find them at a barn wedding! For instance Stone Barn in the Cotswolds is home to the UK’s largest indoor BBQ, whilst Healey Barn offers a huge wood fired oven in the courtyard, and Hazel Gap boasts an amazing hand-made French rotisserie.

Everything in one spot

It can be annoying having to pile into taxis or busses to get from the wedding ceremony to the reception. At a barn wedding you can do both in the same place avoiding the need for this logistical bore, which means more time to sample the champagne and canapes -  a win-win shall we say.

Beware of the Children

Children love a barn wedding due to the abundance of outdoor space, they can entertain themselves and you can concentrate on nailing negronis before you have to take them home.

A Blank Canvas

If you like to get hands on, a barn wedding lends itself well, allowing brides to control all of the decorative details and make your Pinterest-worthy ideas come to life. As most barns boast a neutral decor, you can theme out everything from the lighting to the centrepieces to the buffet tables— a barn is a blank canvas.


At a barn wedding, you can embrace the surrounding countryside and use more unusual flowers. Try herbs like rosemary, thyme or decorate your barn venue with entire trees and shrubs.

Outdoor Ceremonies

Remember that heatwave in 2003? Imagine getting married outside that summer! At Cripps Barn and Stone Barn you can get married outside overlooking the lovely countryside surrounded by all of your friends and family. However if you don’t get the 2003 style heatwave you can move the ceremony and party inside.


Barns are full of history and stories resulting in extra charm and character. For instance many barns boast timber ceilings and ancient limestone walls; and the generous core interior can be enhanced by traditional flagstone floors, an open fireplace and wooden beams.

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