“… you can’t cast a female as Bond, he’s the most masculine figure in the history of cinema…” YAWN! Ladies, it’s time to show the boys how it’s done. At GoHen, we’ve taken the script, ripped it up and started training the next generation of female secret agents – in our all-action ‘Jane Bond’ hen weekend – to prove to all the naysayers that the girls can be Bond. Here, we break down the reasons why you and the girls should head out on your own Bond-themed weekend.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

7. What gender?

If you take gender out of the equation, Bond is just a character with a penchant for danger, fast cars, the odd romantic dalliance and a desire to protect their country – nothing which is necessarily specific to men. Why can’t those characteristics be applicable to a woman?! With the ‘Jane Bond’ hen weekend, we’re flipping this on its head.

6. Bond’s fictional

Of course you can change his gender. He doesn’t actually exist. If he did, he’d be a chain-smoking, alcoholic, womaniser quickly approaching his hundredth birthday. People need to stop taking the concept of Bond so literally, it’s how people identify with him that matters and if people can see past gender then why can’t there be a female in the role?!

5. Equality

Whilst some people can form a reasonable argument for keeping Bond a man, others spout inane, sexist rubbish which reinforces the idea women are somehow inferior to men. Time to get out there, ruffle some feathers and show them how it’s done!

4. It annoys people

Add to the fact that it sends certain people into an apocalyptic meltdown and enrages them to a humungous extent is, quite frankly, hilarious *cough* Piers Morgan *cough*. Any activity likely to fuel this more gets a big tick from us.

3. It’s exhilarating

A Bond-themed hen weekend is thrilling. You’ll put your detective dexterity to the test in an eerie escape room, take to the Thames in a high-speed boat chase, hit the casino to polish your poker skills and learn the divine art of cocktail mixing to create that perfect martini: “Shaken, not stirred.”

2. It’s unique

This adrenaline-pumping, all-action weekend not only gives women the platform to shine, but it’s also a fantastically unique experience. Everyone also wants their hen weekend to be a little bit special… Oh, hang on, someone’s probably gunna tell us it’s only the boys that can have all the fun on a pre-wedding weekend away. Not on our watch!

1. Change is good

People poo-pooed the idea of a blonde bond – Daniel Craig – and he has gone on to be regarded as one of the best to play the character. Change can be good. Swap that Y chromosome for another X and give the girls a chance. With this Bond-themed weekend, who knows, maybe you’ll discover you could even play the role yourself. “Did someone say career change?!”

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