One of the key questions for brides is what type of flowers should I choose for my wedding when preparing for the big day. Real or faux? With so many choices available it can get overwhelming very quickly. There is no question that fresh flowers would look amazing but can cost a small fortune and make a big dent in your budget. So, don't underestimate the realism of faux flowers and with array of beautiful, hand-crafted faux bouquets and arrangements available you should do your research before making your final decision.

You can't tell the difference

You can't tell the difference

Here are our top 10 reasons why you should consider faux flowers:

There is no need to worry about non-seasonal flowers. With faux flowers, you can get any type of flowers and colour all year round.

It's more convenient to order ahead of time versus fresh flowers as if you keep fresh flowers for too long, they won't look the same. Time is just what you don't have for your wedding.

You can reuse the same faux flowers should you have a registry office service, followed by a church blessing - even in they are days or weeks apart

If anyone in your bridal party gets hay fever or is sensitive to pollen then faux flowers will let you have your beautiful blooms without the red eyes and sneezing.

If you get married in an extreme weather area (too cold or too hot), faux flowers are perfect.

It's very easy to transport faux flowers during your wedding. They are stronger and more durable. Your faux flowers won't bruise or show crushing the same way a fresh one will.

Faux Flowers are lighter. You can get a full bouquet with half the weight. If you are carrying it around all day you don't want it weighing a ton

If you use faux flowers for mini placeholders they can serve the dual purpose of a wedding favour and table decoration. Your guests could take them home and enjoy them as a memento of your special occasion.

After the big day, you can pop them into your favourite vase and enjoy them for years to come as a centrepiece in your home.

Finally, it's actually more economic to use artificial flowers for a wedding.

If you're planning a wedding this summer look no further than the Peony collection, known for its range of beautiful hand-crafted faux floral arrangements, available from

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