Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary today, so we reflect on their time together as husband and wife. 

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart (Credit: Famous)

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart (Credit: Famous)

1. Urban Legends actress, Gayheart, married actor Eric Dane (Mc Steamy in Grey's Anatomy) on the 29 th October 2004.

2. The couple dated for only ten months before getting married. 

3. Dane told Flaunt Magazine about how they met: "It's probably one of the least interesting stories in the world. It went basically like this: 'You wanna go out?' 'Yeah, sure.' Ten months later, we were married." (Wikipedia) 

4. They had their first child Billie Beatrice on 3rd March 2012.

5. Their second child, Georgia Geraldine was born on 28th December 2011.

6. On 17th August 2009, a nude video was posted on of the former Miss Teen USA contestant Kari Ann Peniche along with Gayheart and Dane. 

7. The couple are good friends with Brooke Muller and reportedly introduced her to her now husband Charlie Sheen.

8. Gayheart gushed; 'I love being married more than anyone. It's what I always wanted. I found the person who's perfect for me and we have a great time and a great partnership.' (IMDB)

Happy Anniversary Rebecca and Eric!

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB. 

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