This year- you should be looking for wool or copper. Wool represents the comfort and warmth you have brought one another during your last few years of being married and copper signifies the stability that your relationship has. If you’re struggling to think of some gift ideas- here are a few suggestions…

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay


Wool socks: Perfect if your anniversary lands towards the end of the year when your partner will need all the extra layers they can get.

A wool jumper: Everyone needs a durable jumper in their wardrobe- so if your partner’s is looking a little worn or they don’t have one at all- this is a great gift to make sure your partner is always warm.

A wool blanket: Ideal for those nights when all you want to do is snuggle up next to one another on the couch and watch a movie.

A wool picnic blanket: If your anniversary falls in the warmer months and you love nothing more than going for a picnic together, this is a great gift that you can use every year to enjoy with each other and your family.

A wool rung: Is one of the rooms in your home in need of a new rug? If so- go shopping and choose one together as a joint gift.

A wool coat: Perhaps your partner is in need of a new coat this year. Is their current one looking sad? This is your excuse to buy them a new one.

A wool scarf: Your partner will be grateful for one of these if you got married during winter or you are off on holiday to somewhere cold in the near future.


A copper wood burning fire pit: Not just any fire pit- this one is a statement piece for your garden. If your lover enjoys nothing more than sitting outside with a drink next to the warmth of a fire- this could be your go-to gift.

Visit your local copper mine: If you are one of those couples who is always looking for something different to do on your days out together, this is certainly one to remember.

A copper pen: A gift for the keen writer. If your partner is an aspiring novelist or even just an obsessive list writer- this could be the answer to all your gift buying dilemmas.

Copper cookware: Do you enjoy cooking up a storm together in the kitchen? If so- another joint gift idea is some new pots and pans in copper to keep with the theme.

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary!

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