It can seem like anniversary gift materials get harder and harder to find ideas for- but we are here to give a helping hand on your sixth anniversary- iron.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Iron- If you house is in need of a new clothes flattening device then this could be the perfect opportunity to get a really good one- just be careful- if you are buying it for a partner that they don't take it the wrong way.

Straightening or Curling Irons- If your loved one struggles to maintain their hairstyle with the styling products they have then maybe it's time to give them a little treat with some good quality hair gadgets.

Handles- If your cabinet or sideboard is looking a little sad, then perhaps some iron knobs might just give it that lift it needs without having to buy an entirely new piece of furniture. Or could you replace all of your inside door handles?

Trivet- This is the perfect present for the experienced or aspiring cook- ready on the side for a hot plate or to pop out at a dinner party for hot food- this will save your surfaces from burns and they look a lot classier than a glass chopping board.

Skillet- Ideal for frying, this robust pan is a much better investment than a normal frying pan and will fit well in any kitchen- traditional or modern.

Cook Book Stand- Is your partner always struggling to keep their cookery books open while they create their dish? Perhaps this could be a sturdy and useful addition to your kitchen? In a range of colours there is bound to be one that fits in with your scheme.

Pestle and Mortar- Usually made from marble- an iron one might fit better with your décor. If your loved one likes to experiment with different flavours- this can be a well needed addition to their kitchen apparatus.

Key Rack- Is your partner always losing their keys? A key rack in your hallway might just be what you need to solve this problem- they can hang up their keys as soon as they walk through the door, putting an end to that morning panic of not being able to open the front door to leave or have access to their car.

A Pan Stand- If you are like me- when I open my cupboard door- all my pans fall out- if this sounds familiar then perhaps what your spouse needs is a pan stand to keep them organised and tidy?

Sun Dial- If you partner is green fingered then maybe this will give your garden the centrepiece it's been yearning for.

Sign- Is your front of house in need of a new sign? Can people see it when they come to visit? Does the postman struggle to find you? If your signage is posing a problem, then why not get a new number for your house or think of a name and give your home some identity again.

Wine Holder- Do you enjoy a bit of plonk at weekends? Does your partner consider themselves to be a connoisseur? If so, then perhaps what you need is a stable wine rack to hold all of that expensive booze?

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