So, you’ve just gotten engaged, you’ve told your friends and family, made the announcement on social media and just about got used to wearing the ring. It’s now time to start planning the wedding and with so much to organise, it’s best to have something to work towards and start with the date.

You want to get hitched- but when?

You want to get hitched- but when?

But that on its own comes with many more decisions, the timing and date are pinnacle to how the rest of the day will set out. With this in mind, the Wedding Planning team at Rowton Castle have listed the pros and cons of have a winter or summer wedding...

The benefits of having a summer wedding:

Better weather:

With the summer months, comes better weather and longer days. This makes for perfect photo opportunities as they can be taken outdoors and everyone is just a little happier in the sunshine. 

More choice on outfits:

For the bride and the guests, the sunny weather will mean you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be cold on the day or having to find the perfect cover-up to keep exposed shoulders and arms warm. Your dress can speak for itself! Guests will also be happy as they’ll have more choice in what to wear too.

More options on venues:

Indoor, outdoor, castle, hotel, church, marquee; the list of possible places to tie the knot are endless. This is also give you more options as to what food you can have at the reception, such as a BBQ!

The downside of having a summer wedding:

More expensive:

Summer will always be the most popular season to marry, so this can mean everything can become a tad more expensive as you’ll be competing with other couples for venues, music bands and more. Planning and organising as much in advance will be your best bet to sticking to budget.

Everyone is busy:

There will be friends or family who might have a pre-booked holiday or even another wedding to attend on the day, as everyone's calendars tend to fill up quickly over the summer. Getting your save the date cards out as soon as possible should lessen the chances of someone having to miss the big day.

The weather is unpredictable:

Ah, the British Summer, as glorious as it can be, it can also be very unpredictable. One minute it can go from beautiful blue skies to torrential downpour! Plan ahead for if the worst should happen with some pretty umbrellas and back-up photograph backdrops.

The benefits of having a winter wedding:

Romantic settings:

Everything looks cosy and romantic in the winter light.

Everyone just wants to huddle up and keep warm, the perfect atmosphere for a wedding! Plus, if it snows… white wedding! Imagine how beautiful the pictures would be.

Everyone is more likely to make it:

People are less likely to be abroad on holiday during the cooler winter months, plus to take a date during the Christmas period than most people will have the time off from work and school already, bonus!

Cheaper venues: With less people opting for a winter wedding, it’s the ideal time to get in on all the discounts on offer. Many venues will lower their price and more photographers will be available at better rates. If you’re marrying on a budget, then this might be the perfect answer.

The downside of having a winter wedding:

Guests might be more financially preoccupied:

December is always an expensive month with everyone splashing out on Christmas presents and end of year get-togethers, so some might find it difficult if they have to pay for wedding gifts, overnight stays and travel costs. Planning ahead and giving as much notice as possible should help them to pre plan these expenses.

Weather could be very poor:

On the plus side you’d expect bad weather in the winter so you can make all the preparations for it. However, there could be a turn for the worst and the weather could become very poor. Floods, heavy falls of snow and other bad forecasts can make some wedding plans difficult.

When it all comes down to it, everyone has their individual tastes and desires of when they want to have their special day. Many factors will help you to decide on the perfect date, but I’m sure you’ll agree which ever date you pick, the most important factor is that you’re marrying the partner of your dreams! 

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