has sought out the craziest places to tie the knot. These unforgettable locations certainly think outside the box when it comes to outdoor wedding venues.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

If you are looking for something very different from a traditional white wedding then one of these might just take your fancy!

Zero Gravity

Sadly you can't get married in space, so the closest thing is getting married at zero-g. A Boeing 727, when it's been modified, can give the impression of weightlessness via a parabolic flight path so you can exchange vows while floating.

Top of Mount Everest

If you like extremes- then maybe getting married at the top of the tallest mountain on earth is for you? With breath-taking views of the Himalayas, once you get to the top- the hard part is getting up there. The ceremonies are only 10 minutes long- just enough time for the bride and groom to remove their oxygen masks to get their vows in.

Dracula Castle (Bran Castle)

For couples how are fans of the horror genre- why not have an authentic Romanian wedding? Vlad the Impailer's home- who inspired the character of Dracula- this venue can hold up to fifty guests.

Shark Aquarium

Exchange vows while many different spices of sharks swim around you or take a dip in the shark infested waters in a cage and declare your love there!


For lovers of the outdoors and adventure- this might be your first choice. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park have a range of different wedding packages including overlooking Kilauea Crater, the most active volcano in the world.

Skydiving Wedding

Those who want to get their adrenaline pumping- a wedding in an aircraft might do. The vicar performs the ceremony in the plane before you say 'I do', kiss, and then jump into the unknown.

In a cave

The natural surroundings, acoustics and delicate lighting can be the ideal location for those how love nature and even if it rains you don't have to worry about getting wet because it's all underground.

Cliff Hanging Wedding

If you are a couple who enjoys the great outdoors, then hanging off cliff might be the perfect place for you to say those two important words. Are you brave enough to have both the nerves of your wedding day and that of a sheer cliff face looming beneath you?

Disney Tower of Terror

If you love a day at the theme park, then this could be the place for you to seal the deal with your partner. The ride can be rented for the day and after the ceremony, which is held in the courtyard at the foot of the building- you and your guests can ride is as many times are they want- just before cake preferably.

Amazon Rainforest Wedding

For wildlife lovers- this is a way to be one with nature, while getting married surrounded by jungle creatures- certainly one that would result in spectacular photographs wouldn't you say?

Jim Maitland from Into the Blue said:

"For those wanting to say "I do" somewhere a little out of the norm, adventures in zero gravity, underwater or as you fall through the air skydiving, are some really out there options. Over the years we have seen people looking for exciting experiences for hen and stag do's but now they also want to take it to the extreme on their wedding day"

"If you're a couple of adrenaline junkies, then why not include your passion for excitement in your big day. Avid rock climbers can get married on a cliff edge or abseiling down. Space fans can get hitched at zero gravity and those who like something on the edge can get married in a shark tank. As people look to outdo their friends and ensure their big day is one to remember, any of these activities would take a wedding to the next level."

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