What would yours be?

What would yours be?

Ever wondered what the perfect proposal would look like? Well Beaverbrooks have pulled all the elements together to make on big happy ‘will you marry me?’ moment- but do you agree?


UK based- Let’s face it you want to get back to your friends and family as quickly as possible to gloat about your new engagement- the wait for a flight back or the end of your holiday can seem like an eternity!


A complete surprise- With a lot of stats revealing that women are paying for half of their engagement ring to get the one they want. Or women are planning in their engagement so they can budget, it’s sad that the surprise has been sapped out of this process, with many still wanting it to catch them off guard.


Engagement ring to be worth £1,046- The tradition is that it’s three months wages, so I guess this is somewhere in between, as times are harder than they used to be!


He would choose the ring for you- You might drop hints about what you want, but picking out your own ring means he might as well give it to once you have bought it because you know what’s inside!


Ring to be a white gold band, with diamonds- Gold seems to have been firmly pushed out of the wedding ring arena now.


Proposal should be made 3 years and 4 months into relationship- Too early and you might still be in your honeymoon phase- too late and you might start to wonder if it’s something he wants for your future together!


Doesn’t need to ask Dad for permission- I am sad to see this one go, but gone are the days when you live at home with him until you are married and rely on your father for financial support, this reflects that change in times.


Should plan the proposal for 2-3 months- Choosing the ring, ordering it and paying for it, should not be  a fleeting decision- after all it goes on your house insurance so it’s not a small sum of money you are coughing up! Plus some thought should go into where and when.


Proposal should take place on a romantic break- A sense of occasion and away from excitable parents who could ruin the surprise.


Proposal should take place in private- In front of everyone you know can be a bit daunting and might make the groom-to-be stumble over his words.


He should be down on one knee- With other traditions fading this one still holds strong! However with varied locations to propose now-sometimes it’s a bit hard!


Cornwall is the most preferred UK proposal destination- It’s the place with the most guaranteed good weather in all the UK!


Proposal should be made after just one alcoholic drink- A bit of Dutch courage to help him through!


Marriage should have already been discussed during the relationship- If your goals are not the same, this can be a very bittersweet moment.


Couple should have already lived together before getting engaged- You need to test the water first before committing to one another. If you don’t, you could find yourself in a pickle romantically!


They should be wearing casual clothes- A suit can give the game away especially if your man is not prone to wearing them ordinarily!


Proposal should take place somewhere special to the couple- Where they first met, or shared their first kiss- it’s a story you can tell for years to come!


Women want to cry because the proposal is so romantic- One of the only times your partner will get all romantic and mushy like in the movies, so it’s no wonder that we react this way!


Women want their partner to cry during the proposal- Well we are so take the pressure off guys!



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