Colin sought out the assistance of The Proposers because he knew he wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him in The Library of Birmingham but needed help with the details.

Colin and Rebecca

Colin and Rebecca

The Proposers planner Soma got the train to Birmingham with a banner and a bunch of flowers after spending the day preparing everything that was needed to pop the question.

The library staff helped Soma put everything together and the wonderful singer waited for them to arrive.

Colin told Rebecca that they would be popping into the library after work to return a book and then go out for dinner.

When inside, Colin led Rebecca to a terrace on one of the top floors of the building only to find his surprise.

The singer serenaded the couple with 'She's the One' by Robbie Williams against the backdrop of the city skyline.

Behind the singer was a banner that read 'Rebecca Trueman, you're the one for me!'

The couple giggled and stared lovingly into each other's eyes as they walked off to dinner together.

At that moment Colin got down on one knee and offered her a beautiful engagement ring. After a big smile and a kiss, she said 'yes'- of course!

Colin then led Rebecca to the singer who gave her the flowers and she was so overwhelmed that it was all for her.

Congratulations Colin and Rebecca!

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