www.myvouchercodes.co.uk has found that 63% of coupes would hire or buy second hand for their wedding day.

Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

However the line is drawn at the wedding dress, as fewer brides would hire a wedding dress than grooms would hire suits.

It would seem that couples place more importance on the venue than the transportation too, as lovers are more inclined to spend more on location than their means of getting there.

The average wedding costs £23,550 in the UK today, so it's understandable couples might want to trim back in areas they can to bring this price down. Even with measures in place many couples still go over budget.

Couples are willing to cut back on items such as shoes, cars, bridesmaid's dresses, decorations, flowers, favours, hair and make up.

Brides and grooms to be are sourcing help from people they know, for help with styling and dress making as well as learning a new craft in order to make the smaller items for the day. When thinking about it logically, the car is just a means of getting from A to B and the shoes will likely be covered by the dress anyway so why break the bank?

There are however things future spouses won't sacrifice quality on such as the venue, the dress, the photographer, food and drink and the rings.

Many of these have to stand the test of time, so need to be something that the couple look back on with nostalgia not regret.

Mark Pearson founder of My Voucher Codes, commented on the results of the research:

"As many engaged couples are probably aware weddings can be expensive, especially if you want to go all out. However it is possible to make savings, from buying second-hand items or renting dresses and suits. Meaning couples can save money so you can splurge on other things, perhaps have more money to put towards the honeymoon. However it is interesting to see that grooms are much happier renting their suits than brides would be their dresses."

"For many couples, the right venue is key, so we are not surprised that this is an area where people would like to splurge, along with a photographer, after all you spend a lot on the venue you want to have beautiful pictures to capture it. Whereas food and drink is the most important thing for everyone attending and thing they would be likely to remember, so it makes sense this is also an area which couples look to splurge."

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