Check your phone- Who remembered? You enjoy getting a barrage of text messages early on in the day filled with love and well-wishes.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Clock watch- 'At this time we would have been doing this' is all you say all day long. Your wedding itinerary is forever etched in your mind because you spent so damn long on getting it just right in the first place.

Talk about how fast time goes- Neither of you or your family and friends can believe that it's been a year since you tied the knot. It went so fast, you sit and wonder what you actually did in your first year of marriage that was noteworthy. Not a lot by comparison.

Reinact the day- You may choose the hotel you got married in or the place you went to dinner the night before- but you are grateful all you are filled with is nostalgia and not the sickly feeling nerves blessed you with a year ago.

Repeat yourself- You talk about stories from your day that you have told a hundred times before- but because it's your anniversary- allowances can be made for going over old ground.

Get drunk- Because you can- you don't have to be the perfect bride or groom and wait until all the important stuff is out the way- you can enjoy yourself all day long and no one will think any worse of you.

Eat- You don't have to wait until after your anniversary to enjoy a good carby meal- you can go nuts from the menu in the hotel or restaurant you are in because you don't have to squeeze into a dress/ fitted suit the next day. Bloating never felt so wonderful!

Embrace people's acknowledgment- It's been a year since people talked about your marriage and getting cards and gifts makes you feel like newlyweds again.

Feel proud- It may only be a year- which is not that long in the scheme of things- but you have a warm and happy feeling inside that you were able to make it through without any major glitches.

You ponder what the next year will bring- A holiday? A big birthday celebration? A house move? You talk about the future in yearly chunks and what your next milestone will be before you find yourself marking year two of your marriage.

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