Kleenex has found that men are more likely to break down and cry than women on a wedding day. Grooms, fathers of the bride and fathers of the groom often express their emotions more openly than the women in the immediate family. We take a look at the top moments on a wedding day that prevent dry eyes in the house.

It was all too much for this groom!

It was all too much for this groom!

When the groom sees his bride for the first time walking down the aisle- He has no idea what dress she's picked, how she will have her hair or what jewellery and make up she's chosen. All he knows is that she is going to look beautiful. The most beautiful she has ever looked and it can be too much for some men.

The exchange of vows- Suddenly all the preparations pay off. It's happening and there is a sense of relief that it's going well and couple are finally together again after their first night apart. It's overwhelming to witness as well as be part of.

The announcement of man and wife- They have done it! All those months of planning, all that money, all those emotions and finally it's come to fruition. The couple can relax and often the tears come freely.

The wedding speech- The groom has to cover all bases and thank the parents, the bridesmaids and the best men- but when he turns to his bride and tells her she looks wonderful- there's a guaranteed lump in everyone's throat.

Before the service- The anticipation of marrying someone is a daunting prospect for anyone, even if they are committing to the love of their lives. The waiting, the getting ready, the worry over something going wrong can be a lot of pressure and that needs to be released somehow. Usually in the form of a good cry.

Lauren Purcell, Kleenex Brand Manager says: "Weddings are such emotionally-charged occasions - everybody gets caught up in the joy of the moment and you'll often see friends and family reaching for the tissues. We were interested to learn how sensitive men are to the rollercoaster of the day. They prepare for so many parts of the big day and yet the emotions take them by surprise."

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