Quidco has found- it costs around £267,357 to have a happy marriage when you tot up all of the one off costs and regular investments couples make while they are together. We take a look at this breakdown and see just where this money goes.

She looks happy- I wonder why!?

She looks happy- I wonder why!?

Wedding and honeymoon - £21,257- Everyone knows what goes into a wedding and even if you try your best to budget, they are never a cheap affair. You would think after shelling out so much money for an event such as this at the beginning of a relationship- couples would tone it down afterwards, but this simply isn't the case.

Regular date nights (per year) - £1,404- Meals, drinks, cinema trips average at £39 per date, which is a staggering £117 per month. But just when you think that stopping in will do your bank balance some good- think again.

Cosy nights in (per year) - £558- Although a cosy night in might seem like the much cheaper option, it's still costing couples an average of £15.50 per night by the time they have factored in Netflix, movie downloads, Now TV, take-aways, wine, beers and/or snacks. Still cheaper than a night out but, it's by no means free.

Gifts/surprises (per year) - £305- Which equates to two gifts per month- flowers, DVDs, sweets/chocolates- whatever couples feel the need to buy each other to give their partner a little boost.

Jewellery (per year) - £477- Whether women want it or not- it's a go to gift for men to get their wives on Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases when they have left their shopping too late or can't think of anything else to buy.

Underwear (per year) - £104- A fancy set for Valentine's Day night and you can easily spend this in one go!

Shoes/clothes (per year) - £163- Things that couples think they need to look good for one another when they go out on date nights or on special occasions.

Weekends away (per year) - £647- A cheeky weekend to get away from it all or a dirty weekend for an anniversary or Valentine's Day celebration, with a fancy meal, drinks and room service on top- your bill will soon creep up.

Holidays (per year) - £1,690- You both feel you need at least one of these a year to stay sane and give yourselves something to look forward to but this quality time spent together comes with a pretty hefty price tag too.

Vix Leyton, spokesperson for cashback and rewards site, Quidco who commissioned the study said: "While the best things in life, in this case love, are free - ostentatious gestures to demonstrate it come at a cost. Half of people surveyed believe a dream wedding plays a part in setting you up for a strong marriage, but engaged couples need to keep a firm eye on budget when planning the big day to avoid starting their wedded life in debt.

"The good news is that by planning ahead, you can achieve a lot of the little touches that keep a relationship alive without breaking the bank. Booking holidays in advance, shopping around for the best deals and trying to keep a stash of savings specifically earmarked for 'date nights' and treats, can give you the margins you need for impulsive gestures like flowers and chocolates 'just because'.

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