Edible favours- It's tradition to go with sugared almonds- but brides and grooms to be can have any sort of edible favour they wish. Their favourite sweets, something appropriately heart shaped, a favour that reflects the venue or the theme of the wedding. And they can be as big as you want so if you think you'll need something substantial before the speeches- this is your chance to.

Lots of cake!

Lots of cake!

Sweet cart- This always goes down well with your guests to keep them happy while they wait for the wedding breakfast, the buffet or even as another dessert option. Plus if neither of you get a chance to eat something from the buffet you can grab some sweets to keep you going.

Canapes- If you think your guests might be peckish after the ceremony, this is the perfect way to give them a little something to keep those tummies from rumbling. Be careful that you don't get any down your dress or suit!

Ice Cream Cart- There's something novel about having an ice cream cart all to yourself and not have to pay for it- the guests will love it! And it makes for a great picture for your album.

Buffet - Guests attending the evening do tend to expect some food along with the disco- and anything from sausage rolls, garlic bread, little sandwiches and chips tend to go down a treat.

5 courses instead of 3- If you want to push the boat out and the budget allows- you could always add a couple of extra courses on to your traditional three course meal- and have cheese and a palate cleanser included in there.

Cake- Whether you opt for a tiered cake or cupcakes this will give everyone the surge of sugar they need for the evening's activities and you some energy for your first dance.

Cheese-cake- Some couples are deciding on a cake made from stacked cheese wheels rather than a sweet option or even both if you can't decide. It's something different and if you have a lot of guests with a savoury tooth- it's ideal.

Edible centrepieces- Rather than going down the usual road of flowers as centrepieces- why not have a fruit on sticks, jars of sweets or lollipop trees? They look good but they taste good too! If you have a lot of kids coming to your big day- this will keep them entertained.

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