The Best Bridal UK Hairdresser and Balmain International Bridal Hair Specialist Vicki Lord shares hair tips for choosing the perfect bridal hair:

How will you have yours?

How will you have yours?

"It's all about the dress" this is what we often believe when it comes to a bride-to-be and her wedding day, but to me, it is literally all about the hair!

And it is the hairstyle that embodies the theme...

It is the hairstyle that frames the face.

A little dramatic you may first think, however there is just as much to consider when choosing the perfect hairstyle for your perfect day as there is when choosing a dress... So here are my ten top tips to help every bride-to-be out when deciding on how to have your hair on the most important day of your life:

  1. Be Realistic! Ask your hairdresser or an expert about the texture, style and quality of your hair. It is vital to understand what is and isn't possible when it comes to styling your hair for your wedding day. There is plenty that can be done to help you have the exact style of your dreams... like using hair extensions, or the right products... but it is still important to be realistic, because whilst many professional bridal hairstylists do indeed work hair-magic, there will be some styles that may just not suit your hair type.
  2. Find a hairdresser you trust, and Book them! Try and do some research well in advance of your wedding day, so that you are not disappointed because your chosen stylist is unavailable. Research online, or you may already know somebody who you wish to style your hair. Look through their portfolio of work and have a consultation so that you are assured that they can achieve the style you are thinking of. A trial is super important, this gives you and the hairdresser an idea of the final look on the day.
  3. Create a mood board! Flick through magazines, look at websites, even take inspirational images yourself... and create a gorgeous mood board for your wedding. Include colours, textures, the theme, styles and any images of celebrities or real brides that inspire you. This is a great reference point for you and your hairdresser.
  4. Hair care! Look after your hair on lead up to your big day. If you use heat or styling equipment on your hair, then ensure you apply protective spray. Don't wash your hair too regularly, as it is important to allow the natural oils to be produced so they can nourish your hair.
  5. Plan! Any highlights, lowlights or or trims need to be done in advance of the wedding - so book ahead. Remember go to a colourist or stylist that you know and trust.
  6. Whatever the Weather! Consider the possible weather conditions of your wedding day. The weather is unpredictable, but you can get a general idea of whether or not it will rain or shine based on the month you choose to get married in. Be prepared for all eventualities - so have a gorgeous umbrella near by just in case, especially if you plan to have photos taken outside too.
  7. The all-important dress! Of course the dress is important to consider when you are choosing your hairstyle... so your hairdresser needs to know what you are wearing just in case they need to adapt the style to suit you dress... for example asymmetrical dress with strapless on right shoulder may look better with hair resting around the left.
  8. Consider the extras! Choose accessories that match your theme, suit the season you are getting married in, and work well with your hairstyle and hairstyle. It has not been unknown for hair slides to snap in thick hair, and then the whole style to fall out as a result. So invest in great quality products and hair accessories. Fresh flowers need to be especially planned for and secured well into the hairstyle.
  9. In-keeping with your theme! It is vital that your hairstyle compliments the theme of your wedding, it is not to say that a vintage hairstyle cannot be adapted to a modern theme and bride, because it can be, but there still has to be a visual link otherwise the theme goes out of the window. Contrasts and opposites can look great, as long as they are planned for carefully.
  10. And that top ten tip! I say, 'gorgeous hair happy bride'... so ensure that you are completely certain about your whole look before your wedding day, so you are entirely happy because it isn't fair on you or anybody else if you are having second thoughts about the hair do before you say 'I do'!

It is the hairstyle that compliments the dress...

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