Is a buddymoon for you?

Is a buddymoon for you?

You might think that honeymoons are just for couples- well you would be wrong! Now newlyweds are taking their mates along for the ride according to Travelex.  

One in 5 couples has already honeymooned with their friends. With the average honeymoon costing £3,500 many couples will go on holiday with their friends to reduce costs after their recent big blow out.

50% would go on a buddymoon if it meant that they would save 25% on cost. This rises to 40% if there was a 50% saving to be had. Only 5% would share their honeymoon with their mates if it saved them a whopping 75%.

More people often means of saving on expensive destinations and resort prices- however many would invite their friends along just to have a good time. Some even consider taking their family with them simply to spend more time with them. Chances are they didn’t see a lot of them on their big day while doing the rounds with the guests.  

Elvin Eldić, from Travelex, comments: “With young couples feeling the growing financial squeeze of tying-the-knot, it’s unsurprising that many are bucking traditional honeymoon trends in order to reign in the cost of getting married - it makes perfect sense to continue the celebrations with loved ones, while sharing the costs. In recent months the Pound has improved significantly against most popular currencies. Those couples looking to save even more should consider destinations where they can make the most of the great value of the Pound to stretch their budgets further versus a year ago."

Most popular destination for buddymooners

  1. Dubai
  2. Thailand
  3. France
  4. South Africa
  5. Turkey

Mr & Mrs Smith, who specialise in honeymoon bookings, comment on the trend: “We’ve seen increasing popularity for couples sharing honeymoons. Once they’ve paid for individual flights, buddymoon groups can take advantage of group discounts, sharing villas and collaborating on costs throughout their holiday – often meaning they can afford to do more inspiring activities, or upgrade their experience.”


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