One would assume July is the perfect time to get married- teachers and children are more likely to attend because they're off school, the weather should be just right- not too hot and not too cold and people are generally in a better mood because it's summer.

Some might say to avoid the month altogether

Some might say to avoid the month altogether

According to these three traditional verses on setting a wedding date- getting married in July has a bad reputation so we give our stance on what each one could mean for the bride and groom to be:

A July bride will be handsome,

But a trifle quick-tempered.

The bride, can rest assured she will look beautiful on her big day and everyone and the groom will think so too. With that said, she may have a temper about her that could affect the mood of the day if something goes wrong.

By this point, her partner will probably know that she has a tendency to snap at times but chances are he loves her and all her idiosyncrasies anyway.

He may be able to cope especially well if he is the opposite nature- calm and laid back. However, once the honeymoon period wears off- this might be something that sparks arguments or causes a reluctance to communicate well for fear of a temper tantrum.


Married in July with flowers ablaze,

Bitter-sweet memories in after days.

The wedding day might look the part- picture perfect- with nature offering a helping hand for the photo album but the days that follow might not always be so rosy.

This can be said of most marriages-no day can compare to that of a wedding day and marriages do endure their difficulties however there should always be more good than bad in a union. If there is an imbalance- it could wreak havoc later down the line.


Those who in July do wed,

must labour for their daily bred.

It's rumoured that getting hitched in July means the bride and groom will be hard workers throughout the marriage. Which is not necessarily a bad value to live by or to pass down to children.

With that said- a couple must strike a work-life balance or there may be struggles in their marriage to find time for each other and to nurture the relationship.

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