Alesha Dixon wants to help highlight the shocking figures

Alesha Dixon wants to help highlight the shocking figures

Alesha Dixon is supporting Avon's 1in4 women campaign - which exposes the shocking reality that one in four women will experience physical violence at some point in their life.

The campaign is being used to highlight the frightening extent of domestic violence, with the use of a website and a Facebook app.

Downloadable via the Avon UK and Refuge Facebook pages, the app applies the one in four women statistic to the user's profile, exposing exactly just how many of their friends could be affected by abuse.

This shocking number is then displayed on the user's wall and links through to the campaign's site for expert information on how to help protect a friend from becoming part of this horrific statistic.

Alesha Dixon, Avon's Beauty and Empowerment ambassador, says: "I know first hand how important it is that we all play our part in ending violence against women. So, I'm calling on women everywhere to come together and help stamp out abuse for good.

"Speak out and tell someone - your friend, mum or colleague - about domestic abuse and visit Avon and Refuge's website - Let's break the silence so less women suffer from violence."

Avon has donated over £500,000 to its domestic violence charity partners Refuge, Women's Aid and UN WOMEN, to help end violence again women and Alesha will look to help increase that figure next year by promoting Avon's Empowerment product.

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