Most British Women Like To Cover Up

Most British Women Like To Cover Up

British weather isn’t exactly reflecting that it is summer at the moment, but new research shows that most women would be pleased with the rain as it means that they don’t have to get their legs out.

Venus ProSkin and OnePoll teamed up to ask 2,000 women how body confident they felt during the summertime.

They found that the average body confidence score was 43 out of 100 and that a quarter of those surveyed said that they hated they bodies.

Instead of relishing the summer months, 55 per cent of women look forward to the winter so that they can cover their legs in tights and trousers.

A third of women said they have no problem wearing short skirts and a further 11 per cent said that they love getting their legs out.

Some women would never leave the house without freshly washed hair and a fully made up face, but 80 per cent of those surveyed said hairy legs would make them feel less attractive than having greasy hair or a bare face.

Body confidence can even inspire you in the workplace, with 22 per cent of women saying they feel more empowered to achieve success.

Your relationships can benefit from increased body confidence too. Twenty two per cent said that it strengthened their relationship with their partner and 19 per cent said they would approach a guy that they liked.

Body confidence can have a massive effect on your everyday life. Forty seven per cent of women said that it made them feel more relaxed and a massive 53 per cent said it made them feel happier in everything that they do.

Celebrity beauty therapist and member of the Venus ProTeam expert panel, Nichola Joss says: “It’s crucial that women take time out of their busy schedule for a pampering session, which can help balance your body and mind.

“There are small changes women can make to their everyday routines so they feel less like a chore and more like a moment for you.”


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