Angie was excited about her girls trip to Turkey and couldn’t wait to relax and have fun with her closest friends.

Angie with her Daughter

However, her plans took a turn for the worse during a holiday shopping trip. Whilst trying on a bikini, Angie felt something in her breast which made her feel uneasy. Although people were telling her not to worry and that it may only be a cyst, Angie wanted to be 100% sure and seek medical advice.

After visitng her GP she was told that she had Grade 3 cancer: Angie’s life was turned upside down. She could not go on the girls holdiay which she had been looking forward to ever since planning had begun.

Surgery was re-scheduled early than anticipated and later began chemotherapy. However, Angie was determined to carry on with life as normal and went to work each day and socialised.

This year she was given the all-clear and has been raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Angie shares her story with Female First and how she is dealing with life after cancer and her work for charity.

Angie with her Daughter during chemotherapy

I was going on a girls’ holiday and I bought a new bikini. I tried it on and I could feel a lump. I went to get it checked out and everyone said it was a cyst, but it turned out to be Grade 3 breast cancer. I could not go on the holiday in the end.

I went to see the GP on 5th May, and was diagnosed on May 15th. They scheduled me in for a lumpectomy in June and I was thinking of going on the holiday. But then I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t believe what I was thinking. I asked them to bring the date forward as early as possible – I had the surgery on June 3rd. I did not go on the holiday and had to miss a friend’s hen do as well. 

Looking back, they said it was very good that I had not delayed the surgery as it was aggressive. I then started chemotherapy – I was given FEC. In the first two, I carried on working and played squash and did salsa. I also donated my hair to the Little Princess fund.

In the November, I had 20 sessions of radiotherapy and am not on any further treatment.’

I've had my first year all clear and back at work, did the race for life and raised £250 for cancer research and I'm doing really well.”

Angie is supporting Cancer Research UK’s new campaign #WeWill beat cancer sooner. Join the fight at


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