Jared Bell. Timothy Mosley. A pair of names that you're unlikely to be familiar with unless you're a big fan of either Drake Bell or Timbaland, but still the pair had the audacity to bring up Caitlyn Jenner's transition, name and gender whilst posting transphobic comments online, and it all whiffs of hypocrisy.

A little bit of background on the pair first, as they both seem to have faded into irrelevance in the past few years.

Drake Bell / Credit: FAMOUS
Drake Bell / Credit: FAMOUS
Timbaland / Credit: FAMOUS
Timbaland / Credit: FAMOUS

Drake Bell was a child television star who featured on Drake and Josh and today has a Twitter following of over 3.2 million (yet tweets he posts only get around 100 retweets on average - take from that what you will).

Timbaland is a music producer and rapper who had some successful hits a few years back but has since not really done anything of substance other than being brought on as a music producer for television series Empire.

Bell's controversial message came first on Twitter, in a comment that the singer and actor has now deleted, defended and deleted the defence for. Unfortunately for him, fans have saved the picture hundreds upon thousands of times so that his ignorance will haunt him forever. As activist and RuPaul's Drag Race judge Michelle Visage said: "He deleted, but it lives on".

What's really sad about Drake's bigotry is that he had the chance to be a huge voice for the young generation. Drake and Josh was one of the biggest Nickelodeon children's series in its time and so there's a huge opportunity wasted there.

Timbaland's comment came around midnight GMT last night, where he posted something similar but to his Facebook account.

The majority of people were rightly outraged. An outpouring of hatred and annoyance at the transphobic, bigoted comments came and whilst I'm a firm believer that two wrongs do not make a right, it felt really good to see such a progressive wave of genuine people come out to defend Caitlyn Jenner.

It's also been pointed out just how hypocritical the pair have been as neither use their real name in their careers. Whilst Caitlyn Jenner is now living life the way she has always wanted to live it, this is a pair who changed their name for money, success and a job. I know which I find more admirable.

So now we all have to remember to focus on the positives that will come of this revolutionary moment in pop culture. Caitlyn Jenner will be the driving force behind legions of acceptance throughout the world. Those in similar situations will be inspired to be brave and that can only be a good thing.

Congratulations Caitlyn on finally being able to love yourself for you.

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