Jessica Alba poses in a new campaign for Braun

Jessica Alba poses in a new campaign for Braun

Jessica Alba may be a successful actress and businesswoman, but she admits she still has feelings of being judged and suffers from her own self-doubt and now she wants to help women break free.

In new images we see the 33-year-old looking as beautiful as ever, but Jessica admits she still has the same worries as other women. The new images have been released to support her involvement in the ‘Break Free’ campaign, which aims to spread positivity amongst women and encourage them to support each other.

Jessica Alba comments: “I completely relate to feelings of self-doubt and feeling judged but, happily, I also know personally how wonderfully empowering female positive reinforcement is.

“I’m encouraging women to say, share and show their support to female friends, family, colleagues – sisters everywhere. Let’s give each other the confidence to break free from self-doubt and all walk that little bit taller. Think of a woman you admire today and tell her!”

The 'Break Free' campaign from Braun follows research that revealed 91 per cent of women feel judged in everyday scenarios and 85 per cent lack the faith that other women admire them.

In addition, it also found that 62 per cent of women value compliments from other women with a fifth admitting positive comments could stay with them for life.

The Sin City actress is using her status as Beauty Ambassador for Braun to help women let go of their woes, complement each other and empower women to feel good enough to achieve whatever they set their minds to.

As part of the campaign Jessica kicked off a positivity chain, encouraging other women to join in by writing a #breakfree message of support to a fellow female and uploading it to YouTube.

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