Being young, wild (sometimes…) and free is one of the joys of grabbing every opportunity that life throws at you.

Whether it's jumping from a plane, visiting your favourite city, or simply being gripped by a novel, living life to the full is what living is really all about.

But what if there was that one, annoying, and prominent, stopping force holding you back from accomplishing your dreams.

Yes, we're looking at you FEAR!

You are the disruption to our life plans and we would be so happy to see the back of you, but for many, it's not as easy as 1, 2, 3.

There have been many occasions in my life in which I have felt scared and anxious about the future prospects, from a child starting secondary school to finishing university and beginning my new job.

All these moments that have occurred during my teens and young adult life have, at times, been a little daunting, but you have to stand tall and push the fears to one side and go and grab every opportunity that comes your way.

Having a little self-confidence works wonders, for many this isn't the easiest thing (I certainly know that!) but pushing for the opportunities that you have wanted to achieve in life cannot be ruined by your self-doubt but above all, fear.

Fear comes in all different shapes and sizes for us women, and no matter how big or small, it's still having a major impact on our everyday lives.

Women feel restricted by their fears with 70% admitting that it prevented them from living life to the full, according to new research by Bodyform.

And what's stopping you from showing your greatness to others? Your insecurities and lack of confidence!

Women are also concerned about others judging their decisions and admit that this limits them, as well as a fear of failure being a burden.

Despite their fears, 60% of women say that they do aspire to seize the day and live fearlessly, which is a good thing, as facing up to their fears makes women feel great. In fact, over half of women have created, or plan to create, a 'bucket list'.

Traci Baxter, Brand Marketing Controller for Bodyform, said: "Here at Bodyform, we want to enable women to be their best selves every day and live fearlessly, without holding themselves back.

"We hope that our Live Fearless campaign will inspire women to say 'yes' to life, whilst giving them the added confidence to face their biggest fears and achieve their wildest dreams."

Your Bucket List Goals:

  1. A holiday of a lifetime (65%)
  2. Mastering a new skill, like a language or musical instrument (51%)
  3. Getting married (48%)
  4. Achieving a physical goal (41%)
  5. Volunteering/doing something for charity (35%)
  6. Doing something adrenaline fuelled, like a skydive (32%)
  7. Visiting a festival (30%)
  8. Buying an expensive blow-out item, like jewelry or a new car (29%)
  9. Having an extreme makeover e.g. new haircut, weight loss (27%)
  10. Working/studying abroad (25%)

So what are you waiting for ladies- say goodbye to those fears and hello to a braver, better you!

Bodyform are encouraging women to Live Fearless and to feel empowered and live life to the full.

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