Are you self conscious about your vagina?

Are you self conscious about your vagina?

Despite the stigma that surrounds vaginal plastic surgery, it is still one of the fastest surgical procedures, mainly because of its functionality. After child birth, vaginal plastic surgery can help restore muscle tone, strength and control that might have been lost during pregnancy. This of course, can lead to increased sexual satisfaction in a couple’s relationship.  

We talk to Dr. Lina Triana National Secretary of Columbia for the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure, to explain the functional benefits of vaginal plastic surgery to women today. We also take a look at two case studies who have undergone the procedure.

Why is there such a stigma around vaginal plastic surgery?

When we talk about esthetic plastic surgery, vaginal surgery is no different. If we just go back on time and remember in the 80s when we were speaking about liposuction for the first time. It was also a stigma because it was something new. When we talk about vaginal plastic surgery, it’s something new for the most people and that’s why sometimes it’s still a stigma. In today’s world, since we have a more open society, we have certain trends for the pubic area, such as removing all the hair there and that makes women more and more aware of their genital area. Plus in the liberal  society we have, it has become something that is being considered by many women so that they can improve in their vaginal area.

Why is it still becoming such a popular procedure?

It’s something that is new so it takes some time for people to realize that they can also have it done, so at the beginning there is a lot of diffusion. When a person doesn’t feel happy with their genital area, they now know that they can go to a specialist who can help them to be happier. This is a process; first comes diffusion; secondly,  education and then people realize that they can have the surgery done, so it’s just a matter of time.

How can it increase sexual pleasure and enhance a couple’s relationship?

When we talk about vaginal plastic surgery, we talk about two main procedures; the internal part and the external part. The external part is mainly the appearance of the external genitalia but when we talk about the internal part were talking about improving sexual intercourse. The more friction women have during sexual intercourse the more sexual gratification men and women have. With the internal part of the vaginal plastic surgery, we will tighten the walls of the vagina so when intercourse takes place, the woman can contract the vagina walls harder so more friction occurs. Sexual gratification increases with more friction for both partners with this surgery. Part of having a good, healthy relationship is being able to have regular sex. There are many reasons why couples say they feel less during sexual intercourse. Mainly it is to do with the relaxation of the vagina walls; this relaxation can be a result of many reasons. The more you use the vagina, the more the walls lengthen but one of the main reasons is pregnancy. When a baby is inside the mother’s tummy it’s heavy and this weight makes the vaginal walls become more relaxed. Even if the baby is delivered by a C-section the baby is still there by nine months and the stretching of the walls is still taking place.

How do you feel about women getting this surgery for purely cosmetic purposes only?

When we talk about vaginal plastic surgery we are talking about two big branches. One is the external part and the other is the internal part. In the external part, we are talking about enhancing the appearance of the external genitalia and this can really make a woman feel secure about herself. Vaginal plastic surgery is no different than esthetic plastic surgery. How do we all feel when a woman wants to enhance her breasts and have a breast implant? What we all want is to make a woman feel more secure, feel more identifiable with her femininity. Sometimes this security comes from have having breast implants. If a woman doesn’t feel confident about her genital area, she can have this surgery and feel more secure within her relationship. She might be happier in her general life too because this procedure is not only serving for esthetic reasons. Many women can have very long labia minora and they can pinch themselves when they are riding bikes or doing exercise, even during intercourse and it’s uncomfortable. Many women can also have excess skin around the clitoris hood that can be prone to accumulating fluids. This can give them bad odors, so all this is not only esthetics, but of course esthetics go hand by hand when we are talking about vaginal plastic surgery. In today’s world if somebody doesn’t feel good about themselves even in the genital area, now they can see a specialist that can help them go through what makes them feel unhappy and can improve their quality of life  by making them more secure.

What is the recovery time for vaginal plastic surgery?

It all depends of what we do, but usually when we are doing the external genitalia; it’s more or less 8 to 15 days of recovery. This area heals very quickly so it would vary according to every woman and if we are talking about internal area, we would usually say 6 weeks.

Case Study 1:

Since she was only a child, Angie had always felt her vagina looked abnormal and different from what she was exposed to through images on the Internet and in the media.  Her labia minora were protruding, and it made her feel uncomfortable, as tight clothing would squeeze this area and form a lump.  Throughout her teenage years, she became increasingly more embarrassed because not only were her labia protruding, but one was longer than the other and her clitoral hood was also very large.

Angie suffered from low self-esteem and dissatisfaction, and felt she wasn’t developing properly as a woman. She felt uncomfortable, insecure and out of place.  Wearing tight jeans, a swimsuit or barely-there underwear was embarrassing for her. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she could see a prominent lump in the groin and it bothered her a great deal.

“At the age of 16 I started a relationship with my current boyfriend and it became a gradual process of becoming less uptight and shy about my private parts.  As time went by, my relationship grew stronger, and after almost three years I had my first sexual experience, which was quite the process since I felt unprepared and afraid about what he was going to think when he saw my vagina.  I felt embarrassed and insecure, and when it finally happened, we did it with the lights off and under the sheets. I would not allow him to take off my underwear or have any other contact with my private parts,” Angie says, tearfully.

Another year passed and Angie still felt the same embarrassment and discomfort with her sexuality. She knew that this was a very important aspect of a couple’s life, as it is the moment of intimacy in which feelings and passion overflow and two people literally come together on a physical and emotional level. Unfortunately she was unable to have those feelings.  While other girls worried about being fat, skinny or not voluptuous enough, Angie’s concern was her vagina and she had grown tired of worrying about it. Angie began researching similar cases online and read about various procedures to correct vaginal issues like her own. She was introduced to Dr. Lina Triana, a vaginal design and rejuvenation specialist, and felt confident that she would be able to correct the aspects of her vagina that she wasn’t too thrilled with.  Angie underwent a vaginal design with Dr. Triana that consisted of a labiaplasty (which is performed when there is discomfort or dissatisfaction with women’s labia minora) and clitoral hood surgery, (which is performed when there is excess tissue around the clitoris).

“After the surgery my life changed dramatically.. I feel more confident about myself, I'm more outgoing, I'm happier -and people who have no idea about what I had done – even notice the change in me.  As for my sex life, I can say it took a 180 degree turn. I no longer feel ashamed when I am naked in front of my boyfriend, and I feel confident to try new things sexually, which has increased pleasure in my relationship for the both of us. I am tremendously grateful to Dr. Lina Triana and I will never forget that I am a happier and more confident woman thanks to her.  I would not trade places with anyone now, truth be told,” explains Angie.

For a full development as a human being having a good family, work, and social environment is a must.  Sex life is very important for things to run smoothly as a couple. To the extent that men and women feel comfortable with their appearance, they will perform better, sexually, and will make everything flow.  This is a fundamental aspect for women to feel they are living a full life.

Case Study 2:

Claudia gave natural birth to two children, and after her pregnancy she felt her vagina did not look or feel as it did before.  When she looked in the mirror Claudia saw her vagina as two hanging, wrinkled and fairly unattractive cheeks. Sexual intercourse no longer felt the same and she was unhappy. She visited with Dr. Triana for a consult, who explained to her everything about vaginal plastic surgery and why these types of issues tend to manifest post-pregnancy.  During pregnancy, women carry the baby’s weight for nine months, which causes the muscles to stretch and the vagina walls to become looser, decreasing friction during intercourse leading to less sexual satisfaction for both men and women.

Claudia opted for a vaginal redesign consisting of a labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation, (which restores muscle tone, strength and control, thereby increasing sexual pleasure and enhancing the couple’s relationship).

The change was amazing, mainly because there was 100% aesthetic improvement – not to mention the rejuvenation of the vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control Now that my vagina is much tighter and the muscle is tighter, the sensations during intercourse are much stronger and provide more pleasure. This surgery helped my relationship immensely because it allowed a rebirth of our sexuality. We began to rediscover each other again, and all those exquisite feelings and emotions you feel with your partner resurfaced. The surgery revived my relationship, taking it to another level entirely,” Claudia explains.





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