First impressions are crucial during a job interview- from your eagerness to get involved, expressing your personality, even down to your outfit.

You may even spend a whole day trying to figure out what to wear for that 'interview of a lifetime' and by the time you've scrambled through your wardrobe, your bedroom could be mistaken for a jumble sale of all the must-have trends for that season.

But should we be worrying about the OOTD or is it just another pressure that we like to add to our ever growing list?

Okay, so I'm not saying get rid of your sense of style or your love of fashion- let's face it, wearing your favourite LBD or even your best pair of Levi's instantly gives us girls a confidence boost- and I do believe presenting yourself and showing that you've made an effort will work wonders and set you off on the right foot.

But does your outfit actually reflect your status or success?

According to Brits, new research has revealed that eight in ten of us no longer think power suits and status symbols are a sign of success.

It's the big Cheshire Cat grin beaming from your pearly whites that portrays true success!

According to research conducted by Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, wellbeing is the most important indicator of how successful you are, coming in above salary, home and their job.

And the key to staying on the top of your game? Rest (72%), quality time with friends and family (42%) and regular exercise and healthy food (38%).

We want to achieve a good work/ life balance and spend more time with loved ones rather than climb the career ladder and you can't argue with that!

Status symbols certainly don't impress us either as flashy watches (22%) or big houses (45%) do not denote success and an additional 27% reporting that they do not seek to evaluate their own success or that of others at all - a clear departure from the professionally ambitious, materially-focused 1980s.

Contributing Editor of Vogue and lifestyle expert Calgary Avansino said: "Success is no longer only about pay-slips and corner offices: it's about living a life in accordance with our values and finding balance in your life through healthy eating, exercising and spending time with loved ones."

"I've built my career around the need for balance - understanding that it's about building a successful personal as well as a successful professional life and that the fuel we put into our bodies is key to stay on top of our game. Nowadays this is a belief which is becoming more widespread: today's generation of aspirers know that you can climb the ladder of success in many different ways, as long as you keep balancing that tightrope between nurturing your body and mind and pushing yourself to learn as much as you can."

Lifestyle expert and wellness entrepreneur Calgary Avansino shares her six top tips to business success.

1) Plan A…all the way

Although it is tempting to plot out a plan A, B and C when drafting up your business plan or entering into a career, there should only ever be one you focus on and that's Plan A - the big plan, the master plan! Don't let failure be a part of your vocabulary or your mind set. The power of thought is compelling so always focus on making Plan A work, not a secondary alternative. Stick to your original goal; have faith in your idea; believe in it more than anything and anyone else, and make it your end destination.

2) Think BIG

No matter what stage of your career you are in, always think big. Always keep in mind where you would like to be in 10-15 years time and work with that at the forefront of your ambitions. Everyone had to start somewhere. Remind yourself that your director was once an assistant. How did they start? What kind of work ethic did they have in order to reach their goal? Look beyond where you currently are, be inspired by the people whose career path you aspire towards and always try to enjoy the journey. If you are building a brand, think of your brand from the very beginning as a global brand. Although it will take many little steps to reach that ultimate goal, each small detail matters; they may someday be the foundations of a very large and successful company.

3) Manners Matter

Treat people well - be polite, be courteous and be respectful. It is one of the simplest and most effective - yet often forgotten - rules of business. I first started at British Vogue as an intern before becoming the Executive Fashion and Digital Projects Director 13 years later. As I worked my way up the ranks I remember well those who respected me and treated me well, regardless of what my job title was at the time. Everyone you meet is a potential opportunity and you never know who will be your boss someday. With that in mind, treat everyone with the same manners that you would your superior. Jobs are temporary but first impressions are not. Make your smile your logo, your personality your business card and how you treat others your trademark. Everyone wants to work with positive people - optimism is a magnet - and how you treat others will always come back to you.

4) Never say no

Work harder than anyone else - be hungry for success, especially when first starting out. Use your initiative; whatever the opportunity or request, accept it. Even if it might mean long hours or stressful demands, never say no to a challenge. Dive in, push yourself, venture outside your comfort zone and try something new. This is how we grow and learn. At every stage of your career it is important to sink your teeth into whatever you are working on - get involved, help out, and learn from everything - no matter how mundane. You never know what an experience may teach you or lead to, so aim to see every opportunity as a chance to "gain".

5) Balancing Act

I strongly believe that excessive stress (some is actually good for us), sleep deprivation and a lack of "inner time" is the thief of success in the long run. It's undeniable that we work our best when we can achieve some sense of balance in our lives. Often we don't listen to what our body and mind needs beyond work, but it is essential to allocate yourself 'me' time. It is not an indulgence; it should be part of your routine. It can be whatever brings you a sense of peace; whether that is meditation, reading, quiet time, a yoga class or simply going for a walk without your phone. Find the activities or non-activities that help you decompress and keep you centered, prioritise them and never feel guilty about bringing balance to your life.

6) People Power

Whenever my children come home from school complaining about someone they don't like or haven't gotten along with, I always tell them that this is their training ground for life. It is impossible to like everyone, and that's okay - we're all wired differently. However, liking a person and finding a way to work with them efficiently are two very different things. Try not to be overly emotional about work relationships, but always try to focus on the positives (everyone has some, somewhere) in people's personalities. Always ask yourself what are their strengths rather than where are their weaknesses. And if I find someone being particularly difficult, I always try to remind myself that you never know what is going on in their personal life at that time, so hold fire on judgments. Their actions are not always a result of their personality, but sometimes their circumstances.

Yes, happiness is the true factor to success and I'm sure many of you would agree that being happy is the most important ingredient to a healthy, fabulous life.

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