Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is only the first step on the road to recovery. Post-surgery ladies are often left struggling with feelings of insecurity over their new shape, and many don’t realise how much correctly fitted specialist lingerie can do to boost confidence and restore their pre-surgery silhouette.

Anita doing what she does best

To combat this, early in 2010, Anita UK launched an exciting initiative, creating “Centres of Excellence” with specialist lingerie retailers. The programme identified retail partners equally concerned with providing expert, empathetic after-care to those affected by breast cancer. The centres are welcoming and have carefully trained staff to ensure that every lady receives expert fitting and the best available advice for her personal requirements. 

Each partner chosen to become a Centre of Excellence, undertakes intensive training at Anita’s® head office in Germany, receiving in-depth product training and hands on opportunities to measure, select and fit the ideal breast form and lingerie for each woman’s individual shape. The course also includes training on breast anatomy, surgery types, and information on common complications such as scarring and Lymphodemas.

Modelling the Anita UK range

The Anita Care® range offers breast cancer patients a complete range of feminine, beautiful aftercare products including breast forms, lingerie and swimwear.

For those who may not be able to reach a store just yet, Anita UK have put together some ‘Top Tips’ on what to look for in lingerie when selecting post-surgery styles.

Black Bra from the Collection

  • Wide comfortable and adjustable straps – this is crucial to reduce the risk of Lymphodema developments.
  • Good separation between the cups, with a deeper centre that sits against the breastbone along with deeper cups to ensure the breast form is secured firmly and cannot be visible if the wearer bends forward.
  • Deep side wings under the arms and no stiffeners so they do not rub or chafe on scar tissue from lymph gland removal.
  • Appropriate depth in the cup to accommodate the breast form
  • Pocketed to house the breast form
  • Comfortable and soft fabrics and seams
  • Generally wire free – on the advice of surgeons
  • Multi-sectioned or pre-formed cups generally give a better and fuller shape.

During the month of October 2014 Anita Care and will be donating 10% of profits on the Tonya special bra to MacMillan Cancer Support.

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