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Renee Zellweger reminds us how worrying our obsession with celebrity image truly is

The celebrity-loving portion of the world is currently in a state of confusion. Renee Zellweger stepped out at the Elle magazine's 2014 Women in Hollywood event, except that wasn't Renee Zellweger.

At least not the one we've all grown to know and love. This wasn't our Bridget Jones who made us chuckle every time we tuned into the movie - it was a woman claiming to be her but whose face was completely different to the face we expected. She was an imposter. A stand-in, surely?

Soon came the accusations of plastic surgery. Social media was flooded with jokes about her new look and attacks on the actress for changing something about herself that was so recognisable.

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How safe are your exercises?

How safe are your exercises? Taryn Davies

Precautions should always be taken when exercising as it can do significant damage to your muscles and joints, but what moves exactly are doing this?

Just because the body can perform certain exercises does not mean they're good for, so with the help of Greg we take a look at seven popular exercises, explain why they're bad for us and offer an alternative.

Greg Brookes (, Trainer to the Trainers, says: "There seems to be an epidemic at the moment of people in gyms and parks on a mission to totally destroy their body."

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Avengers Age of Ultron Standout Trailer Moments Helen Earnshaw

Avengers: Age of Ultron is the 2015 movie that I have been excited about for so long - that excitement reached new heights yesterday when I saw the first full-length trailer for the film.

It promises to be a really action packed and darker ride that will push our heroes to the very brink and test their friendship to breaking point.

The brand new trailer is an exciting one and we take a look at some of the key moments to figure out just how they will figure into the overall story.

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