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7 Ways to get a boyfriend on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day gets a mixed reaction- some couples love to spoil one another and enjoy their night together doing lavish things, others like to just do cards and play it down while still paying off their Christmas debt.

For the single lady- it can be a night of hunkering down with a bar of chocolate and a bottle of wine until it’s all over.

For those of you who are looking for a date on this night of all nights- James Preece is at hand along with the to give you some tips.

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Spooks: The Greater Good First Trailer

Spooks: The Greater Good First Trailer Helen Earnshaw

If you are a fan of television series Spooks then you are in for a treat this spring as Spooks: the Greater Good is set to hit the big screen.

Spooks: The Greater Good will mark the first time that the popular spy series has been adapted for the big screen and there are some new and familiar faces to watch out for as we are plunged back into a world of terrorism and espionage.

We have already been treated to the first two posters for the film earlier this week, but now the first teaser trailer for the movie has also arrived. We have it for you to take a quick look at:

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National Breakfast Week - What does YOUR breakfast say about YOU? Daniel Falconer

It's National Breakfast Week, and academics have now revealed that your personality as well as your ideal love match are able to be determined as easily as by how you eat your toast every morning.

This week an interactive quiz has been created so that breakfast enthusiastics can take part and see just how the simple act of spreading a knife across toast before dashing out to work can be a giveaway sign as to whether you're a natural leader, follower, laid back or control freak.

Professor Sandi Mann of the University of Central Lancashire in Preston conducted the study, revealing that those who cut the crusts off are intolerant of things going wrong and like everything to be just so, whilst those who enjoy exotic flavous of jam are experimenters who crave fresh experiences.

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