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Drone Exclusive Clip Helen Earnshaw

Drone Exclusive Clip

We have seen plenty of war documentaries hit the big screen over the years but Drone is set to be unlike anything that we have seen before.

Drone marks the return of Tonje Hessen Schei to the director's chair - in what is the third feature film of her career and comes after the success of Play Again and Independent Intervention.

This time around, Schei take audiences into the unknown world of drone warfare as she is given unprecedented access to one of the most controversial practices of modern day conflict.

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Blitz Kids exclusive interview - Jono chats influence, inspiration & more

Blitz Kids exclusive interview - Jono chats influence, inspiration & more Daniel Falconer

- How best would you describe you and your music for those who are new to Blitz Kids?

We're four friends from just outside Manchester playing music that we love and we are lucky enough to travel the world doing that. We're just four normal lads trying to have as much fun as possible basically.

- When did you realise that music was a passion of yours and a career route you'd like to go down?

I think I've always known. The fact that I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to make it a career still blows my mind when I stop and reflect. Sometimes I'll be writing a song or warming up for a show and think 'Oh s**t, this is actually my job!' It's a bit of a laugh that's got out of hand really.

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The mile high club is being replaced! Lucy Walton-Lange

Forget the 'mile high' club- and make way for the new trend in spontaneous sex- 'the airport club'. Couples are finding it hard to resist one another once they get in the spirit of a holiday.

They can't wait for take-off before they feel the need to rip each other's clothes off, according to

One in 10 Brits have the urge to have sex in an airport and fulfil their fantasy during the wait for their flight. Let's face it eating and drinking, reading, browsing the duty free shops, sitting down and playing games only gets you so far- so Brits have got a bit creative to pass the time during their delay times.

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