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50% of firms aim to increase their workforce in 2015

Many UK businesses have plans to expand their workforce in 2015, said the Confederation of British industry and Accenture.

Of the 323 firms that were covered in the Employment Trends Survey in 2014, 50% want their employees to increase in number in the upcoming year.

The study also showed that in terms of graduate jobs there are more opportunities with 30% of organisations who are willing to take more graduates under their wings in 2015.

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UKIP councillor axed following 'jaw-dropping' interview and allegiance with far-Right group

UKIP councillor axed following 'jaw-dropping' interview and allegiance with far-Right group Daniel Falconer

UKIP have been forced to expel a prominent local councillor who's understood to have links with a far-Right group it has emerged.

The political party was dismissed for "associating with a far-Right group" after her allegiance came to light in comments she made in an unbroadcast television interview.

Rozanne Duncan was dropped with immediate effect for 'clearly bringing the party into disrepute' whilst serving in Kent on Thanet District Council.

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Boris Johnson Calls For Rise In Wages From Tories Helen Earnshaw

Boris Johnson wants the Conservatives to make raising wages a key target for the next Parliament should they win the general election.

The London Mayor wants to see a real push in tackling the increasing pay divide and has been a major supporter of the living wage since he was elected major back in 2008.

And Johnson believes that his party should be doing more to entice businesses to play the living wage instead of the minimum wage.

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