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Game of Thrones showrunners talk Sansa's storyline

NOTE: Spoilers up to and including season 5, episode 3.

Gradually edging away from the source material bit by bit, HBO's Game of Thrones can still standalone as one of the best dramas television has ever seen. This week's episode however has introduced a huge departure from the novels, with Sansa Stark engaged to marry the psychotic and eerie Ramsay Bolton.

With Sansa never managing to quite get to where she wants to go, with her rebirth at the end of season four it would be strange to see the long-suffering teenager fall back into the role of confused and unaware maiden, so from here it looks as if the youngster is now hoping to take charge of her own fate, using guardian Littlefinger for her own gains as well as allowing him to feel he's in control.

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8 Ways relationships can beat the Monday blues

8 Ways relationships can beat the Monday blues Lucy Walton Lange

Waking up next to someone- You may have to get up extremely early but at least when your alarm goes off and you have five minutes to spare- you can snuggle up to them for those precious few moments until your snooze button calls.

You get to kiss someone goodbye- You may resent the fact that work drives you apart for 8 hours (minimum)- but a goodbye kiss in the morning leaves you with a little spring in your step.

Despite having to endure the daily grind- you still have this person to be affectionate with before starting your day.

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Vicky Jewson Exclusive Interview Helen Earnshaw

Vicky Jewson is set to return to the director's chair at the beginning of May with her second feature film Born of War. Jewson make her directorial debut with Lady Godiva back in 2008, and now she is back at the helm of her first action film.

As well as being in the director's chair, Jewson has also penned the screenplay as she turns her hand to a genre that she has loved since she was a child. We caught up with the director to chat about the film, bring a female action protagonist to the big screen, and what lies ahead.

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