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Should More Criminal Trials Be Televised?

For the last seven months, the world has been gripped by the trial of Oscar Pistorius, as cameras have given us a fascinating and in-depth insight into the trial itself and the South African justice system.

This trial is by no means a trend setter when it comes to being televised - the O.J. Simpson trial was also broadcast back in 1994 - but we are left asking the question ‘is is right to televise criminal trials?’

There is no doubt that the trial has captured the attention and the imagination of the world as we have been able to keep truly on top of proceedings like never before - not to mention we can now also have our say on what is happening through the social media.

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Body anxiety traps millions of women in poor health

Body anxiety traps millions of women in poor health Taryn Davies

The pressure of trying to achieve an unrealistic ‘ideal body’ is trapping millions of women in an unhealthy cycle of depression, short-term dieting, cosmetic intervention and eating disorders, according to new research.

9.7 million women currently feel depressed due to how they look, 1.6 million people live with an eating disorder and 10.2 million women do not exercise because of body anxiety.

A quarter of those women surveyed said they struggled to keep up exercise and diet regimes, and similarly a quarter said they skip meals to lose weight.

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First look clip: Tinchy Stryder tricked by magician Ben Hanlin Daniel Falconer

As episode five looms just around the corner on ITV2, we've got a first look preview clip at one of the stars tricked this time round.

Tinchy Stryder is one of those stars, and as he poses for what looks like a photoshoot with a shotgun, he's tricked into believing that he accidently pulled the trigger and blew up a motorbike worth £250,000.

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