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UK Green Film Festival Movies Not To Miss

It doesn't seem five minutes since we were looking forward to the 2014 UK Green Film Festival programme, and now the 2015 festival is only a handful of weeks away.

A whole host of UK and European premieres will be on show at the festival - which starts on the 3rd May - as films from around the world that highlight environmental themes will be screened.

We take a look at the seven feature length documentaries that make up the festival this year - and there are some interesting ideas and themes that are explored by each of them.

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How text messages can ruin relationships

How text messages can ruin relationships Lucy Walton-Lange

ave you ever slagged someone off behind their back via text message, but actually sent it to them?

Have you ever mistaken someone's partner for their mother/ father and messaged them to tell them you saw them with thier parents?

Have you even sent a message intended for your partner to your boss or other professional?

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James King exclusive interview Daniel Falconer

When did you realise that the music industry was one you wanted to work in?

Although I started music when I was eight years old, I realised I wanted to be in the music industry and be a musician as a job, when I was 15-16. It was the feeling of sheer immortality when on stage, that made me love what I do. I can't think of any feeling better than that.

What is it about music that you love and pushed you in this direction?

The thing I love about music is you can reach out to thousands of people emotionally . On the other hand what pushed me in the direction I'm currently following, was two things. The first was that I enjoy any situation where I get to play music and that is by far my favourite part of this job. The next was a chance meeting that led me to where I am now.

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