Keira Knightley claims she's never offered sexy roles - because she's not curvy enough. The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' beauty says she would love to play more raunchy roles but fears she will never be able to because of her waif-like figure. She said: "I'll never get the full-on sex symbol parts I'd like because no matter what I eat I can never put on weight. "I don't feel perfect at all, but I reckon that's good. Actresses shouldn't be like supermodels, they should be like normal women. I really don't think I'm that hot, to be honest." Keira, 19, recently revealed she loved starring in forthcoming thriller 'The Jacket' because it gave her the chance to look ugly on screen. The stunning actress confessed she is sick of trying to look 'perfect' in Hollywood movies and welcomed a role where she didn't have to make an effort to appear beautiful.

She is quoted by Britain's Daily record newspaper: "When you do the Hollywood vibe on a big film you are shot from the perfect angle and you do tests to make sure, so they won't shoot you from this or that angle.

"With 'The Jacket' you look s*** and that's great. It didn't matter what angle they wanted to film from. I didn't have to look perfect.

It's all about finding the truth in any situation and the situation in this wasn't a pretty one."

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